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The Fat-Burning Treasure
by Jordan Rubin N.M.D.,C.N.C
Healthy Living cover story, volume 11.7

Whenever I tell someone the story of FucoTHIN, there is almost always the same reaction. I tell them that the product is a fat burner, and they roll their eyes. After all, there are hundreds of products that tout their ability to burn fat or raise your metabolism. The vast majority of them don’t work or are extremely dangerous. Maybe you have had that experience yourself? In fact, for the past seven years I have resisted completely the urge to launch a fat-burning product. I have researched all of the ingredients used in these products, and frankly I found that they didn’t meet my standards or the standards of the doctors and scientists who I collaborate with. While the market for weight-management products blew up, I was happy to not be a part of it.

I felt that most of the products were unsafe (and indeed, products containing ephedra proved to be deadly) or ineffective. I could understand then why people would roll their eyes when I started telling them about Garden of Life’s new fat-burning product FucoTHIN.

But something funny happens when I tell this story. You see, the story of fucoxanthin, the main ingredient contained in FucoTHIN, reads like an action-adventure novel. There are exotic locales, cutting-edge science, stories of ancient cultures, a dedicated Russian doctor, and even a sad, tragic and untimely death. Of course, every story has a climax, a resolution that both grabs and satisfies the person hearing the story. For FucoTHIN it is this: It works. It burns fat, and it is clinically proven to do so without all the harm that previous fat-burning formulas caused.

This is the story of FucoTHIN.


Dr. Zakir Ramazanov was a good friend of mine. More than anything, we shared a passion for finding whole food ingredients that promoted vibrant health. Dr. Ramazanov was a classically trained biochemist and plant physiologist who graduated from university in Russia at the top of his class. After a stint in the Russian army, he served as the head engineer at the Institute of Solar Energy of the Soviet Union. It was there that he began experimenting with solar bioreactors and how they affected the cultivation of certain marine vegetables and algae, including spirulina and chlorella. As his career advanced and eventually took him to the United States, Dr. Ramazanov continued to develop cultivation methods that allowed for the human consumption of sea vegetables more commonly known as seaweed.

Why seaweed? Why not look at beets, or cherries or apples? Dr. Ramazanov focused on seaweed based upon epidemiological data from some of the longest-lived and healthiest cultures on the planet. Scientists have found compelling data that links the consumption of seaweed to the long-term health of many Asian cultures, most notably the Japanese.

It is amazing to me how often we ignore data like this. Instead of following the health secrets of the longest lived people in the world, we opt for convenience foods such as greasy fries and mocha lattes and then wonder why we are getting fatter and sicker. We even feel hopeless as to why. The answers are right in front of us! Dr. Ramazanov understood that key components of the Asian diet, namely seaweed, contributed to their extraordinary health. He was determined to bring this message to the world. Eventually, Dr. Ramazanov would move to the Canary Islands where he would serve as the director of science for the Institute of Technology and Marine Sciences. It was there that Dr. Ramazanov would learn about fucoxanthin, the main ingredient in FucoTHIN, and its ability to burn fat.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fat burners are in such high demand—66 percent of all American adults are overweight. Total health care costs associated with being overweight are over $90 billion a year and 59 percent of Americans do not exercise at all. Only 9 percent of Americans eat the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In 1970, the average person consumed only 2 calories a day from high fructose corn syrup. In 2005, that number was 200 calories a day.

We don’t exercise enough. We overeat. We eat more of the foods that are horribly unhealthy, and we are getting fatter because of it. As a result, we have seen the proliferation of unsafe and unhealthy products designed to aid weight management and burn fat.

Unscrupulous companies tout the benefits of their “magic pills” that supposedly help you shed pounds without even trying. As I mentioned before, most of these products are completely ineffective. Worse still, many of them contain chemicals that have very dangerous side effects and can even cause death. What is needed is a completely natural product that is clinically proven to work.

That is where FucoTHIN comes in.

Fucoxanthin, contained in FucoTHIN, is a compound that is found in several different types of seaweed. Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid (like lutein and lycopene), which is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free-radical damage. It is the pigment that gives brown seaweed its characteristic color and also participates in photosynthesis (the conversion of light into energy). While all of that makes fucoxanthin interesting, when fucoxanthin was studied in the laboratory, it revealed a quality that makes it unique.

Fucoxanthin contained in FucoTHIN
actually burns fat.

But it gets even better. Most fat-burning products work by creating a thermogenic effect in the body. This is almost always done by stimulating the central nervous system. Creating a thermogenic effect is good. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body generates heat (energy) by increasing the metabolism above normal.

While thermogenesis is good, creating this effect by boosting the central nervous system can be incredibly dangerous, even deadly. Fucoxanthin is unique because it creates a thermogenic effect without stimulating the central nervous system. Fucoxanthin actually boosts your metabolism, specifically metabolizing fat in the white adipose tissue like the kind found around the belly, without giving you the jitters or causing you to lose sleep (or worse).

Instead of the shotgun (and dangerous) approach of boosting your metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system, fucoxanthin specifically works on the deeper fat within the abdominal region.

While the discovery of the fat-burning potential of fucoxanthin was groundbreaking, there was still one rather huge problem. In order to get the right amount of fucoxanthin to effectively burn fat, you would need to eat an outrageous amount of brown seaweed.


Dr. Ramazanov’s dedication to finding a way to make fucoxanthin available to everybody is nothing short of inspirational. He was so excited about the implications of the laboratory studies that he would spend the next seven years figuring out how to solve the problem at hand.

As mentioned before, the problem was twofold. The first problem was one of access. Very few of us have tons of edible seaweed in our backyard, and while I like a seaweed salad as much as anyone, who wants to eat one at every meal?

The first step in finding a way to cultivate and extract fucoxanthin from edible seaweed was to choose the right seaweed. Dr. Ramazanov experimented with hundreds of different types before finally settling on two specific strains, Undaria (Wakame) and Laminaria (Kombu). Once selected, he moved on to the next issue.

The reality is that to extract enough fucoxanthin from the seaweed, you would need to grow miles and miles of seaweed just to have enough to answer the demand created by this unique product. Thankfully, Dr. Ramazanov’s work with photo-bioreactors provided the answer. By controlling the amount of sunlight and using large cultivation tanks filled with pristine deep-sea water, he was able to perfect a process that greatly concentrated (200 to 500 times) the amount of fucoxanthin from the seaweed.

Finally, Dr. Ramazanov created a proprietary process used to extract the fucoxanthin and make it available for human consumption.

There is a sad note to the story.

Dr. Ramazanov died before he could see fucoxanthin made available for mass consumption. Fucoxanthin is his legacy, and I am here to carry that on.


For most manufacturers, the story would wrap up soon thereafter. After all, there are laboratory studies that prove the method by which fucoxanthin works. Why not make the product available and start seeing returns on the seven-year time investment?

For me, the answer comes from our competition. The trail of weight-management products is littered with broken promises. If I was going to put Garden of Life and my name behind a fat burner, I needed more than just studies done in a lab. I needed human clinical trials.

This is, of course, a gigantic risk. After seven years of development, what if you take the product to clinical trials and it doesn’t prove effective? What if the lab results aren’t mirrored in humans? All the time and money spent on development would be wasted. This is the reason so many of our competitors don’t perform the human clinical trials. They are afraid of the results.

At the end of the day, though, you only have your name. People need to trust that name. If FucoTHIN failed in human clinical studies, so be it. He decided to put FucoTHIN to the test.

But of course you know by now that it didn’t fail. In fact, it succeeded far beyond our expectations.


In two separate double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, a total of 150 overweight female subjects were put on FucoTHIN, the Garden of Life product that contains the concentrated fucoxanthin developed by Dr. Ramazanov. Participants were put on an 1,800-calorie diet and monitored over 16 weeks.

The results? In the first trial, the group that used FucoTHIN lost an average of 14.5 pounds. The placebo group lost an average of 3 pounds. Simply put, the FucoTHIN group lost 450 percent more weight than the group that did not use FucoTHIN!

In the second clinical trial, study participants who used FucoTHIN experienced an average metabolic rate of 18.2 percent higher than with diet alone, and without stimulating the central nervous system or negative side effects. In short, there was a 450 percent increase in weight loss, an 18.2 percent increase in metabolic rate—all without losing sleep,
or getting the jitters.


The Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of the African continent, are best known for the beautiful white sand beaches and perpetually sunny weather which attracts droves of tourists every year. The Canary Islands pretty much define the term tropical paradise. They also happen to be where the fucoxanthin contained in FucoTHIN, is cultivated today.

The marine vegetables contained in FucoTHIN are primarily grown in the pristine and unpolluted waters off the coast of the Canary Islands. Today, Garden of Life is the sole supplier in the United States of the clinically studied fucoxanthin compound contained in FucoTHIN. After seven years in the making, my team and I at Garden of Life are proud to offer FucoTHIN.


Fucoxanthin is structurally different from other carotenoids and has a totally different mechanism than any other fat-burning ingredients. The research suggests that fucoxanthin works directly in white fat cells, the predominant type of fat in humans, including the belly fat.

Both animal and human studies demonstrate that fucoxanthin from edible seaweed possesses strong thermogenic properties with significant implications for body weight reduction. This beneficial thermogenic effect is related to the ability of fucoxanthin to ignite production of a specialized protein called uncoupling protein-1 (UCP-1) in white fat cells. UCP-1 targets cellular structures called mitochondria to boost the rate at which fatty acids are burned and oxidized, thus generating more heat production and resulting in significant white adipose tissue reduction.

As of today, fucoxanthin is the only natural food constituent that has been proven to produce a thermogenic effect through UCP-1 upregulation in white fat cells.

FucoTHIN Treasure Tails


Dave: “I really didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, so the 8 pounds I’ve lost was all I needed to feel great. FucoTHIN absolutely helps slim down the belly area and I have had to take my clothes to the tailor for alterations.

“FucoTHIN and the Perfect Weight America program has really energized me. I went on a long, 24-hour overseas flight and had no jet lag at all afterwards. It’s made a huge difference in how I feel every day.”

Melony: “I was struggling to lose the baby fat I’d gained with pregnancies for a long time, but I finally lost it with FucoTHIN! I’ve dropped two pants sizes and my husband thinks
I look great!”


Jake: “Since taking FucoTHIN along with a healthy diet, I’ve lost 17 pounds, and I’m down to what I used to weigh in high school! It feels awesome!”

Jill: “FucoTHIN is incredible! I have tried other weight-control supplements that had stimulants, and they always made me sick. I haven’t had any side effects from taking FucoTHIN. With FucoTHIN, I’ve dropped two pants sizes, and I’ve been taking all my clothes to the tailor. I haven’t been this size since I was 21! The difference in how I feel is unbelievable! I feel 10 years younger and have mental clarity with no more brain ‘cobwebs.’”

Debbie Fischer—

“I talked to my doctor before starting FucoTHIN and he thought it would be perfect for me...I’ve lost 13 pounds, and I feel great! FucoTHIN has made my stomach area flatter, and I have to wear belts with all of my pants now! I’m less tired; I have lots of energy.”

In addition to the clinical trial, we ran a consumer trial! Participants in the consumer trial took FucoTHIN, followed the Perfect Weight America Meal Plan, exercised regularly and supplemented their diet with Garden of Life Olde World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil, Super Seed and Living Multi Vitamins. At the 10 week mark, the participants that weighed in had lost an average of 10 pounds. Individual results will vary. Always check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan.


FucoTHIN by Garden of Life, the most exciting breakthrough in fat loss in the last decade, is available at Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. Click Here for Product & Ordering information or visit our FucoTHIN web page at or call our office toll-free at 877-673-0224.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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