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Improving Your (Digestive) Gut Reaction
Article by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco, M.D.

Did you know that a healthy immune system begins in the gut? The digestive system, in fact, produces up to 75 percent of immune system cells. Many medical professionals would agree that the intestinal tract is the body’s first line of defense and covers a lot of ground as well, constituting the second largest body surface. The digestive system is designed to be the body’s source of growth, repair and energy.

How Taking Care of Your Gut Takes Care of You

Call it instinct or intuition, but a gut reaction is often your guide to making a right decision. The same holds true for a gut reaction of another kind: your digestion. When you’re regular and humming along, life is good. When your stomach is out of whack, though, that’s another story altogether. Since proper digestion and elimination are essential to overall health, the following credo is pretty simple: you have to take care of your gut so that it can take care of you.

During an average lifetime, a whopping 60 tons of food passes through the digestive tract, so it better be up to the task 24/7. Without proper digestion, however, the body can’t enjoy optimal health or receive the nutrients it needs.

Our modern lifestyle doesn’t help matters, either, and here’s why: Eating highly processed and nutritionally depleted foods, failing to exercise enough, being exposed to chemicals or other toxins, and stress can all negatively impact digestive health. The startling truth is that millions of Americans are affected by occasional digestive difficulties, which significantly impact one’s health and pocketbook. Maintaining good digestive health starts with the diet, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. We know that habitual intake of highly refined or processed foods can lead to the accumulation of toxins and increased “contact time” in the gut, and that’s not good for you. The longer toxins hang around your body—and clog up the intestines—the greater their potential for discomfort and the need for the body to get rid of them.

That’s why you may want to make sure your digestive system gets a “clean sweep” periodically. Fiber-rich vegetables—especially green veggies—along with fresh fruits are especially good at digestive cleansing and detoxification.

What’s Living in Your Gut?

One hundred trillion bacteria and other microorganisms live in your gut. You could say that your gut is a jungle where good, bad and indifferent bacteria and microbes live—and often fight it out for your health. But know this: the bacteria and microbes residing in your gut are essential to your digestion and overall health.

A group of living microorganisms known as probiotics can support your gut’s balance of good and potentially harmful bacteria, promote regular bowel function, support a healthy immune system, and support normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the gut.

Simply put, probiotics help you maintain a balanced, healthy internal environment. Fortunately, you can get adequate amounts of probiotics through fermented foods and/or through supplementation. Probiotics aren’t the only good guys, though, on the digestive health front. You can’t forget about enzymes, the protein-like substances that act as catalysts for all chemical reactions in the body, including digestion.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are absolutely necessary for proper digestion. For example, the enzyme protease aids in the digestion of proteins, while amylase digests starch, lipase digests fats, and lactase digests the milk sugar lactase. Consuming enzyme-rich foods and/or highly active enzyme supplements can support your gut in the digestive process.

For more information on the importance of enzymes, we suggest following these web links to the following articles and OmegaZyme Ultra product page:

Enzyme Nutrition 101

The Gut Decision That Could Save Your Digestive Health

OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes by Garden of Life

Healthy digestion is vitally important to your overall health—and is quite possibly the single most overlooked factor in extraordinary health. Do yourself a favor and eat a diet rich in probiotics, enzymes, fibers and greens—and supplement whenever there is a shortfall. Your stomach will thank you—and not have a gut reaction.

Probiotics for Digestive Health

In the last few years, probiotics—once relegated to the dusty bottom shelves of health food stores—have become commonplace in big box retail outlets, warehouse clubs and grocery stores. The tiny, beneficial microorganisms that aid digestion have become increasingly popular for many of the millions of Americans who suffer from occasional digestive issues and those who just want to maintain good digestive health.

While probiotics have gained popularity, they still remain somewhat of a mystery to the general public. Most consumers don’t realize that there are hundreds of different probiotic strains, many of which have been clinically studied in humans. Yet many of the probiotics found on the shelves of stores contain only a single strain of probiotics. Inexpensively packaged, these single-strain probiotics are marketed as low-cost digestive aids.

The truth about probiotics is more complex. The first thing you need to know is that probiotics come from several different sources. For example, lactic acid bacteria (LAB) work differently than soil-based probiotics. Probiotics based on “friendly yeast” known as Saccharomyces boulardii work differently still.

Think of probiotics like building a house. You have a crew responsible for laying the foundation. You have a crew responsible for building the framework of the house. You have a crew that puts the roof on, and a “finish crew” for the interior. Each one has a separate job, but together they build a home. The same analogy works for probiotics, which work together to achieve different tasks, yet have the common goal of improving digestion and wellness.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents consumed a lot more probiotics from their foods and beverages than we do today. Their food was grown in soil rich in trace minerals that aided digestion, and their raw foods—like green, leafy grasses—contained powerful probiotics.

Today, we’re not consuming enough of the foods that support probiotics, and the soil our food is grown in has been stripped of many of the nutrients and minerals that used to be more present in our diets.

That’s why we need Garden of Life’s Primal Defense Ultra, which is better described not as a probiotic but as an eco-system in a bottle. Created to provide the nutrient value of a green plant grown in healthy rich soil in an unpolluted environment, Primal Defense Ultra was designed with two purposes in mind: to provide three missing links in the modern diet—probiotics, living green foods and organic trace minerals. Furthermore, the 13 probiotics representing three distinct groups of organisms contained in Primal Defense Ultra were specifically chosen for their ability to work together to achieve the common goal of promoting supreme digestive health.

A Closer Look at Three Missing Links in our Modern Diet

  • Probiotic organisms - Probiotics are living microflora or beneficial microorganisms that play a critical role in maintaining good health by supporting healthy microbial balance in the gut.
  • Green leafy plants - Oat grass and barley grass are nutrient-dense cereal grasses containing powerful phytonutrients and detoxifying agents that are largely missing from the average diet.
  • Trace minerals - Found in healthy soil, these are minerals that are only needed only in small amounts but are important because the body cannot manufacture them.

Three teams of Probiotics that Work Well together:

  • HSOs - Homeostatic soil organisms are able to survive the acidic environment of the stomach, break down undigested waste material, create substances that make the intestinal environment inhospitable to unfriendly microorganisms and clear a path for other probiotics to flourish.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii - Protects integrity of intestinal walls, activates the immune system, and creates organic acids and B-Vitamins so that other probiotics can function while supporting enzyme activity of intestinal cells.
  • LABs - Lactic acid bacteria now have the environment needed to flourish and thrive and create balance and harmony within the digestive tract.

Be aware that most of the probiotic supplements available in the U.S. offer only one of the three probiotics (LABs) necessary to promote healthy digestion and elimination. When you consume a probiotic supplement with only one of the three groups, it’s the equivalent of competing in a team sport with only one-third of your players on the field. For complete probiotic protection and ultimate intestinal health, you need every position covered, which is why Primal Defense Ultra is the obvious choice.

See the book "Restoring Your Digestive Health"
by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco, MD. for more information on G.I. Health


For more product information on Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life,
click here.


For more information on Probiotics, we suggest the following these web links to the following articles:

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Also: Nutritional Support After Internal Cleansing

By Christine Dreher, CCH, CCH


The statements contained in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Suggestions and ideas presented in this article are for information only and should not be interpreted as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes. Readers are encouraged to consult their health care provider before beginning any cleanse, diet, detoxification program, or any supplement regimen. The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

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