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Restoring Your Digestive Health
by Jordan S. Rubin, NMD & Joseph Brasco, MD
The Guts & Glory Program
Book Review


From the book Forward section: "Restoring Your Digestive Health: How the Guts and Glory Program Can Transform Your Life offers new hope and help to the millions of Americans who are suffering from digestive related disorders and are tired of treatments that do not address the causal factors responsible for their disease. In this easy-to-understand manual, Jordan Rubin and Gastroenterologist Dr. Joseph Brasco give not only a guided tour of the major reasons why our guts revolt against our modern ways of living, but step-by-step directions on how to reverse gastrointestinal complaints."

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Except for the common cold, digestive problems drive people to the doctor more than any other ailment. Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, and Joseph Brasco, MD, believe that both the cause of digestive disorders and their cure lie in the foods people eat. In personal and clinical experience. Jordan Rubin, who recovered from a severe case of Crohn's disease, first came to the attention of readers in 1997 in an article on soil-based organisms. Joseph Brasco, MD, is a practicing, board-certified gastroenterologist. Their book gives motivated people, suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, a blueprint for restoring health. It also critiques some of the many supplements, diets, and alternative treatments that Rubin tried in his attempt to overcome Crohn's.

Jordan Rubin developed Crohn's disease at age 19, the summer after his freshman year of college. His weight plunged from a normal of 175-80 pounds down to 120. X-rays showed inflammation in his small and large intestines. He had 10-15 bowel movements a day and was unable to sleep through the night without going to the bathroom almost every hour. At one point, he was taking two anti-inflammatories, two antibiotics, Diflucan for thrush, and an acid-suppressant. Rubin believes that the high-carbohydrate, low-protein, almost-no-fat diet that he went on "to get in shape" and the sigh stress of his many college activities led to the illness. Since conventional medicine offered control of symptoms but no cure, Rubin turned to alternative medicine, seeking help from 70 health practitioners in seven countries and 300 different 'miracle' products - without success. He found some relief with the low-carbohydrate diet outlined in Elaine Gottschall's book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, but it wasn't until a nutritionist taught him what and how to eat that he saw an improvement. By changing his eating patterns and supplementing with homeostatic soil-based organisms, Rubin was able to stop taking all the medications and regained his health.

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mentioned in this book

Similar to the diet that the nutritionist had advised Rubin to follow, the Guts and Glory Program, outlined in Restoring Your Digestive Health, avoids modern processed foods and emphasizes meat from organically-raised, grass-fed animals; raw, fermented goat's milk in the form of kefir or yogurt; vegetables; fruits; and certain fats like goat butter, coconut oil/butter, olive oil, and flax seed oil. The authors also encourage readers to consume fermented vegetables and fruits, because of the lactobacilli they contain, and easily-digested, nutrient-rich homemade stocks and broths. Restoring Your Digestive Health explains the reasons for these food choices in detail. "If this book had a mantra," the authors write, "it would be this: Decrease the total amount of carbohydrates you eat and be selective about the quality of the carbohydrates you eat."  Carbohydrates are especially difficult for people with digestive problems to break down. Because of this, some undigested carbohydrates end up feeding harmful bacteria in the small intestine. These bacteria damage the intestinal wall and further impair digestion.

The Guts and Glory Program also includes some supplements, such as digestive enzymes (OmegaZyme and OmegaZyme Ultra), water additives (ConcenTrace Mineral Drops), anti-inflammatory formulas (F.Y.I. and F.Y.I. Ultra), and bentonite clay (Living Clay Bentonite Clay). Homeostatic soil-based organisms (HSOs) (Primal Defense and the Primal Defense Ultra), formulated by Jordan Rubin, play a major part in the program.

The Guts and Glory Program is divided into three phases:

The first phase, during which `Brasco Broth' is eaten throughout the day (recipe is included), is designed to rest the bowel and encourage the repair of the bowel lining. It also reduces inflammation, rehydrates the body, and reduces the total microflora.

When improvement is noticed (usually 7-14 days, or sooner), the second phase begins. During this phase, which also lasts 7-14 days, fermented goat dairy products and more steamed vegetables are added to the diet. Additional probiotic supplements help re-inoculation of the gut with friendly bacteria, lowering colonic pH and improving nutrient absorption.

The third phase, which is long-term, seeks to restore and maintain health. It draws more attention to the consumption of healthy fats and the quality and quantity of carbohydrates.

The authors use the three phases as blueprints for creating treatment plans for over 20 gastrointestinal disorders, ranging from hemorrhoids and ulcers to constipation and Crohn's disease. In addition, Restoring Your Digestive Health contains 7 nutrient- or probiotic-rich recipes and some lifestyle recommendations that benefit digestive health.

Dr. Brasco writes, "One hundred percent of my patients would get better by changing their diet. However, only three or four out of ten patients agree to change it." Jordan Rubin compares his recovery from Crohn's disease to an athlete training for the Olympics: "It takes that kind of commitment to get well from a chronic or degenerative disease." Restoring Your Digestive Health does not offer a `miracle' supplement or pill. It outlines a program that requires effort and commitment. However, even people who don't want to follow the Guts and Glory Program can learn ways to enhance digestive health from this book.

This breakthrough book details Rubin's remarkable and successful battle with Crohn's disease by using his new, self-designed Guts and Glory Program, a revolutionary new diet and health regime.

From the Foreword:
Restoring Your Digestive Health: How the Guts and Glory Program Can Transform Your Life offers new hope and help to the millions of Americans who are suffering from digestive related disorders and are tired of treatments that do not address the causal factors responsible for their disease. In this easy-to-understand manual, Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco give not only a guided tour of the major reasons why our guts revolt against our modern ways of living, but step-by-step directions on how to reverse gastrointestinal complaints.

Helping people become self-reliant in taking care of their health problems runs contrary to both most medical and most "alternative" practices, where patients are trained to become dependent on physician care in ways that discourage them from taking control of their own health destiny. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of digestive-related disorders. We must acknowledge the fact that gastrointestinal complaints are treated by symptom suppression in the majority of medical offices. Patients are left ignorant of why they became ill and remain subject to increasingly serious health problems as the years go by.

My twenty-five years as a practitioner, a professor of public health, clinical nutrition and gastroenterology, and my personal experiences with digestive-related disorders have made clear to me the immense impact of gastrointestinal function on the development of a wide array of degenerative conditions. From when I first read the brilliant work of Dr. Weston Price in 1966 (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) to my studies in chronic disease epidemiology at the University of Texas to my more than twenty-five years as a practitioner seeing numerous sick people, the message continues to be clear: We are personally and collectively responsible for the vast array of chronic health problems from which we suffer. If we are to escape from our dilemma as a population that has become increasingly burdened with illness, we must understand the importance of efficient gastrointestinal functioning, the many ramifications of our guts' not functioning well, and what steps are needed to reverse these problems. It is in this light that Restoring Your Digestive Health: How the Guts and Glory Program Can Transform Your Life can play such an important role.

In this book, the reader has the opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives of former patient Jordan Rubin, who suffered with serious, life threatening digestive-related disorders and who, through his own often terrifying trial-and-error experiences, fought his way back to good health. This perspective is reinforced and added to by the insights of medical gastroenterologist Joseph Brasco, who complements his medical training and experience with a natural, causal-oriented outlook that he uses in clinically assisting his own patients. Both authors exhibit the all-too-rare art of independent experience, logic, science, and clear concern for their fellow human beings.

I assure the reader that while each case of illness is different, the wealth of information contained in this book can serve as a foundation for not only an improved understanding of why we become ill, but also as a road map to follow on the way back to better health.

Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C., Director
The Goldberg Clinic, Marietta, Georgia

From the Back Cover:

They told Jordan Rubin there was no cure.

Not long ago, Crohn's disease nearly ended Jordan Rubin's life. A once healthy teenager, Jordan began experiencing the debilitating effects of the painful and potentially fatal wasting intestinal illness, with his ravaged body eventually falling prey to some eighteen other serious ailments. In desperation, he consulted more than seventy medical experts in seven countries, and tried hundreds of nutritional supplements, with no results. Finally, without hope or recourse, Jordan took his health into his own hands, researching and refining a revolutionary wellness program based on a more historically and biologically correct diet, including the use of fermented foods and homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs), an often-overlooked but critical component of our ancestor's primitive diet.

Within months of beginning the program, Jordan Rubin's health improved to a remarkable degree, and today he is in peak physical condition, completely free of disease or medications of any kind. He calls his regimen the Guts and Glory Program, but if you suffer from Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, chronic candida, food allergies, or any of a host of other digestive or systemic disorders, you'll call it amazing. Simple, natural, and true to our bodies' unique biology, the immensely healthful Guts and Glory dietary program can make a tremendous difference in your life.


• Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Gluten and lactose intolerance
• Candida (yeast) infections
• Food allergies
• Recurring or persistent nausea
• Chronic constipation
• Urinary tract infections
• And many other serious ailments

Jordan Rubin has traveled a long and painful journey, and now he wants to help you onto the road to better health! In this important book, you'll learn:

• Why fermented foods and HSOs are vital to good health—and why they're missing from today's diets
• How a “primitive” lifestyle offers very modern health benefits
• How to find and prepare delicious meals the primitive way
• What dietary supplements can help—and which to avoid!


Resource List for supplements and food products
mentioned in this book

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Jordan Rubin is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a certified nutritional consultant, and the founder of Garden of Life, a company devoted to developing neutriceutical formulations. He has appeared on more than 300 television and radio programs and has written numerous articles for top nutritional and medical journals. Jordan and his wife, Nicki, live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Joseph Brasco graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology. Dr. Brasco is married with four children and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he is on staff at a gastroenterology practice.

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