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Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, & author of "The Cleanse Cookbook" founder of
Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and author of
 "The Cleanse Cookbook"

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The Right Time to Cleanse -- Jordan Rubin’s 10-Day Perfect Cleanse: Purify, Capture & Remove Plan
Healthy Living article by Marcus Wellman

“I believe that if the digestive system isn’t given a chance to restore itself—through body therapies known as cleansing and fasting—then digestive-related disorders can and will occur, affecting the very core of how the body grows, repairs itself, gains energy, and reaches its perfect weight,” says New York Times bestselling author Jordan Rubin, founder of the whole food probiotic nutrient company, Garden of Life. Rubin is a big supporter of cleansing for health and weight loss, especially as detailed in one of his recent books, Perfect Weight America.

This is why he strongly recommends that you embark on a detox program he calls the Perfect Cleanse —which combines a revolutionary 10-day detoxifying eating plan and a 10-day, three-step cleansing supplement system aimed at purifying, capturing, and removing toxins from the body.

Perfect Cleanse starts with an eating plan tailored to the seasons. In the winter, you eat a homemade chicken soup for much of the day, followed by a healthy salad at night. In the spring and fall, you eat chicken soup, fruit, and a healthy salad, and during the hot summer, your diet revolves around fruit during the day and a healthy salad for dinner.

You can take your cleanse to the next level by going on the Perfect Cleanse system, which works naturally in the digestive tract to contribute to overall health and wellness. This is where you purify, capture, and remove.

“If you’ve never tried this type of cleanse,” Rubin says, “I urge you to view this like a spring cleaning, a chance to complete a-top-to-bottom scrubbing of every nook and cranny of your digestive tract. You need to reduce the toxic load that has built up over the years from exposure to toxins in the air, water, and food.”

Excess toxins can make you feel lethargic and impact your health in many ways. The Perfect Cleanse is a three-step system including a patent-pending organic fiber blend that over a 10-day period works by assisting the trapped toxins to move smoothly through the digestive tract, gently sweeping the colon of accumulated waste. Don’t worry— you won’t be chained to a porcelain throne!

Just think of three key concepts: purify, capture, cleanse. And you'll see why this cleanse is absolutely and truly perfect.


It's no secret that Jordan refers to the human body as a temple, and believes that it should be pure. “Your body is constantly working to eliminate toxins through the lungs, kidneys, digestive system and, particularly, the liver. Open every channel for detoxification and definitely aid your liver in its all-important detoxification processes,” he urges.

Every minute of every day a properly functioning liver eliminates small amounts of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities from the blood before returning it into circulation. A healthy liver utilizes complex enzymatic processes to metabolize toxins so they can be easily excreted from the body. Normally the liver secretes about a quart of bile a day to carry processed non-functional, non-nutrient environmental compounds and their metabolites, as well as compounds your body normally makes, such as cholesterol, to the intestinal tract, where they are carried out of the body.

Perfect Cleanse Purify supports the body’s cleansing functions, particularly the liver, to help with normal detoxification. Its powerful key herbs include milk thistle seed (rich in silymarin, a powerful antioxidant that replenishes the liver’s all important glutathione activity); cilantro, dandelion, and yarrow flower (all help produce and move bile); microbiologically enhanced selenium (helps the body to produce basic liver antioxidants such as glutathione); broccoli extracts, cracked-cell chlorella and aged garlic (assist by providing the raw nutrients needed for detoxifying toxic chemicals the body produces in its metabolic processes).
A healthy liver plays an essential role in the elimination of toxins by minimizing their accumulation in the body. Perfect Cleanse Purify contains botanicals traditionally used to support normal detoxification functions. It’s a good first step. But another important step is to capture these little “critters” and, then, to transport them out of your body. That’s why we need to next capture and then removes these potentially toxic compounds.


Trapping and binding toxins secreted through the bile for transport from the body is crucial for effective support of the body’s internal detoxification and cleansing functions. If the impurities are not bound by fiber, they become subject to reabsorption and recirculation by the body, ending up where they started, leaving you no better off. Fibers trap toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, binding them and their metabolites for transport out of the body.

Dietary fibers are capable of absorbing nonfunctional metals, environmental pollutants and impurities your own body creates in the gastrointestinal tract. The dietary fibers in Perfect Cleanse Capture includes certified organic flaxseed, pea hull, alfalfa whole leaf, barley whole leaf, and chia seed, and they were specifically selected for their exceptional absorbing capacity that facilitates the effective elimination of entrapped toxins. They're also extremely nutritious, which makes them a truly winning combination.


Assisting the elimination of trapped toxins by gently sweeping the colon of accumulated waste is the final step in the Perfect Cleanse journey. Powerful stimulant laxatives such as Cascara Sagrada and Senna are not used in Perfect Cleanse because they can irritate the delicate layer of the intestine so that it sheds— stimulating bowel movements. This harsh action can cause cramping, bloating and worse.

If there was only one word to describe Perfect Cleanse Remove, it would have to be “gentle.” Perfect Cleanse Remove is a digestive botanical blend that includes natural magnesium salts, fenugreek seed extract, bishop’s weed, peppermint leaf, aloe vera, ginger root, and fennel seed. These work while you sleep to promote healthy, comfortable bowel movements.

Jordan advises that just about everybody would benefit from seasonal cleansing. But be sure to cleanse intelligently. By keeping in mind the key three steps Jordan outlines in Perfect Weight America —purify, capture, remove—you too can participate in the Perfect Cleanse. (Be sure to read Jordan’s Perfect Weight America book, which includes a healthy eating plan to help you reach your weight loss goals. There is also a code in his book for a free, online support program.)

A Perfect Cleanse Made More Perfect - Weight Loss, Too?

Looking to lose holiday pounds? Then you should know about fücoTHIN, the most popular weight-loss dietary supplement today. It captures the legendary metabolic-stoking properties of Japanese brown seaweed perhaps more effectively than any herbal weight-loss product now available.

The late Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, who developed fücoTHIN, was a good friend of Jordan Rubin, the founder of Garden of Life, one of America's leading whole food nutrition companies. Dr. Ramazanov was a classically trained biochemist and plant physiologist who served as Head Engineer at the Institute of Solar Energy in the Soviet Union where he began experimenting with solar bioreactors and how they affected the cultivation of certain marine vegetables. He continued to develop cultivation methods that allowed for the human consumption of sea vegetables (more commonly known as seaweed).

Eventually, Dr. Ramazanov’s work led him to fucoxanthin, a brown seaweed extract with the ability to burn fat, which would ultimately become the main ingredient in fücoTHIN.


Most fat-burning products work by creating a thermogenic effect, a process by which the body generates heat (energy) by increasing the metabolism above normal. While thermogenesis is good, creating this effect by boosting the central nervous system can be very problematic for most people. Fucoxanthin is unique because it creates a thermogenic effect without stimulating the central nervous system. Fucoxanthin breaks down visceral fat within the abdominal region, without increasing heart rate.

While the discovery of the fat-burning potential of fucoxanthin was ground-breaking, there was still one rather huge problem. In order to get the right amount of fucoxanthin to effectively burn fat, you would need to eat an outrageous amount of brown seaweed.

And to harvest enough fucoxanthin from the seaweed, you would need to grow miles and miles of normal seaweed to meet the demand created by this unique product. Thankfully, Dr. Ramazanov’s work with photo-bioreactors provided the answer. By controlling the amount of sunlight and using large cultivation tanks filled with pristine deep sea water, he was able to perfect a process that greatly concentrated (200–500 times) the amount of fucoxanthin within seaweed.

Finally, Dr. Ramazanov created a proprietary process used to extract the fucoxanthin and make it available for human consumption.

“Dr. Ramazanov told me that he believed fucoxanthin could regulate a protein called uncoupling protein 1, or UCP1, which controls the amount of fat stored in the body,” Rubin says. UCP1, which regulates the activity of a key gene responsible for maintaining the body’s temperature, is found in white adipose tissue, or visceral fat. This type of fat, which usually surrounds the internal organs and sits under our bellies, gathers toxins, leads to low-level inflammation, and harms people’s hormonal health.
In the summer of 2006, news came of a study at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, where Japanese researchers studied the effects of fucoxanthin on more than two hundred laboratory animals. The Japanese study found fucoxanthin effective in fighting flab by stimulating the UCP1 protein, which caused stored fat to break down. In tests on the laboratory animals, fucoxanthin resulted in a 5 percent to 10 percent reduction in weight. The Japanese researchers said that since the abdominal area contains abundant white adipose tissue, the compound might be particularly effective at shrinking oversized midsections.

Could fucoxanthin do the same for humans? Study leader Dr. Kazua Miyashita said his team hoped that fucoxanthin could be developed into a nutritional supplement that targeted harmful fat. Professor Miyashita said that their testing was the first to find that a natural food component had been shown to reduce fat by targeting the UCP1 protein.

Dr. Ramazanov died before he could see fucoxanthin made available for mass consumption. However, the light of his scientific findings continues to shine brightly. Fucoxanthin is his legacy. And Jordan Rubin is here to carry that torch onward with FucoTHIN by Garden of Life.


Note: The content provided in this article is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. You are encouraged to consult with your medical health care provider regarding any health concern or health-related condition you may have.

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