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A “Beyond Organic” Standard for Dairy
By Beyond Organic & Christine Dreher, CCN,CCH

Beyond Organic’s Amasi is a first in the healthy dairy world because it comes from “Green-Fed” cows that are free of ‘Beta Casein A1’ creating a cultured dairy product that is extremely well tolerated (as well or better than goat’s milk), and is more nutritious and delicious.

“It starts with our pastures. At Beyond Organic, we have spent years getting our pastures ready, from planting to irrigation to growing diverse forage. Because our cows are allowed to feed on only the grasses, herbs, legumes and forbs, we take great care in maintaining them—naturally. We never use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides—no chemical spraying of any kind—on our land,” notes Jordan Rubin, founder of Beyond Organic and Garden of Life.

Those pastures are the only source of food for the cows, which is good since cows are meant to eat living greens— and never grains. As Jordan points out, this diet leads to a significantly better nutritional profile.

“If we accept the fact that we crave healthy fats and natural vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to see why Amasai is so popular,” says Jordan. “Because of the GreenFed diet our cows consume, they produce milk that contains a good ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, CLA and natural, fat- and water-soluble vitamins and minerals.

Most dairy, including milk and cheese is over-processed and comes from inferior dairy supplies. For example, 90 percent or more of dairy cows are raised in crowded stalls and subsist on a genetically modified diet of corn and soy. Since cows are designed to eat grass and other greens, this conventional diet doesn’t agree with them. Due to the grain feed, it also yields dairy products that are too high in Omega 6 fatty acids, which adds to the Omega 6 imbalance in our standard American diet (one of the biggest causes of inflammation and disease).

Dairy cows raised and fed in these dire conditions tend to have sub-standard health and produce unhealthy dairy products. In fact, many of the dairy cows get sick and are given antibiotics, which also get into the end products. Likewise, many dairy cows are also given hormones so that they can produce more milk and dairy products. Those antibiotics and hormones are then ingested by the end users. Hormone imbalances can create a host of health imbalances and problems for women, men and even children.

What Makes Amasai Unique?

One of the most frequent questions we get is “How is Amasai different from other cultured beverages like kefir?” It’s a good question. After all, both are considered cultured dairy beverages. However, the similarity ends there. Specifically, there are 4 major differences that stand out:

1. The Cattle – Before he invested in the first blade of grass at Beyond Organic, Jordan researched the genetic traits of specific breeds of cattle. What he found was a breed of cattle that carried a genetic trait that made their milk protein more digestible. Never one for half measures, Jordan meticulously tested every cow he intended to purchase and only bought ones that carried this genetic trait.

2. What the Cattle Eat – Great milk comes from great pastures. At Beyond Organic, we’ve spent years getting our pastures ready, from planting to irrigation to growing. Because our cows are only allowed to feed on the grasses, herbs, legumes and forbs growing out of the ground, we place great emphasis on soil regeneration—naturally. This means NEVER using pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on our certified organic land and NEVER using chemical medicines such as antibiotics or hormones on our animals.

3. The Fat – Early feedback from Amasai fans says that people are surprised by two things: how much they crave Amasai and how much it satiates their appetite. This is due to the fact that Amasai is a “true whole milk” cultured dairy beverage. The fat from our GreenFed cattle is not good fat—it’s GREAT fat. We never skim the fat from the milk that our cows produce.

4. The Culturing Process – Unlike every other cultured dairy product available for sale, Amasai uses over 30 probiotic organisms to culture the milk. This leads to a more diverse set of beneficial bacteria that help provide you the abundant heath you crave.

Uniquely Addictive

In his discussions with people who have tried Amasai, Jordan Rubin has heard the word “crave” uttered most frequently. It doesn’t surprise him.

“I believe that our bodies are genetically programmed to crave food that is healthiest for it. Unfortunately, we don’t listen to those cravings very well due to our over-exposure to chemical-laden non-foods. Our bodies crave good fat, but we answer that craving by consuming unhealthy fats. We crave healthy protein, but there are so few truly healthy choices available to us. We crave natural vitamins and minerals and settle for synthetic nutrients. We crave the good stuff, but we settle for less.” Your body wants these healthy nutrients and compounds, and if given a chance and listened to, it will crave the good foods and nutrients.

Jordan believes that the popularity of Amasai is linked to several factors, all of which stem from how the cows that produce the milk are raised and the way in which the Amasai is produced at Beyond Organic.

Jordan is also quick to highlight another area in which Amasai is unique. It is also one of the more controversial issues facing milk producers.

“We never skim the fat off our milk. I believe that if God wanted us to drink skim milk, He would have put a cream separator in the udder of a cow. Pundits who decry fat are both absolutely correct and 100 percent wrong. We do need to cut down on the bad fats in our diet. But to cut out the good fats at the same time is preposterous. Your body requires them to function! Our milk contains good fats—some of the healthiest fats on the planet—and skimming off fat from healthy, GreenFed milk is a decidedly unhealthy practice.”

Finally, Jordan believes that there is one other “crave-ability” factor that often goes overlooked. Everything about Amasai, from the cows that produce the milk to the way it is cultured, is designed to increase the digestibility of the product.

Naturally Healthy Cows

Conventionally raised cattle can be difficult to keep healthy. Close captivity and unnatural diets can lead to a host of health issues, requiring the use of antibiotics and other medications. Additionally, in order to stimulate increased milk production, conventionally raised dairy cattle are often given growth hormones.

Beyond Organic cows are raised naturally and treated holistically. They are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Because they spend the vast majority of their lives in the pasture consuming their natural diet of greens, they are naturally healthier. It’s also a significantly more humane way to raise cattle.

It does come at a cost, however. Our cattle are able to produce “only” 20 to 30 pounds of milk per day, compared to grain-consuming conventionally and organically raised cattle that produce 50 to 100 pounds per day. It is a tradeoff we are more than happy to make to ensure a “Beyond Organic” quality product.

“Just as important, Amasai is a cultured dairy beverage. Culturing with probiotics naturally enhances the Digestibility of dairy.”

“We could create the most nutrient dense product in the world, but if your body couldn’t digest it, there’s no benefit. Simply put, you are not what you eat; you’re what you digest,” says Jordan. “Our cows were selectively bred for specific genetic traits that may lead to greater tolerability of the dairy and increased nutritive value. Just as important, Amasai is a cultured dairy beverage. Culturing with probiotics naturally enhances the digestibility of dairy. Our milk is nutrient dense and culturing it into Amasai allows your body to better enjoy the benefits of those nutrients.”

When Jordan set out to produce Amasai, he did so with one goal in mind: he wanted to make the healthiest cultured dairy beverage possible. The fact that people enjoy Amasai so much (maybe to the point of being addicts) is an added benefit.

Note from Christine: My Husband and I love Amasai, not only for its great taste but also because it is easily digestible and one of most nutritious and pure cultured dairy beverages available. I love it because it is so good for us; my husband loves it because it tastes good.

Click here for more information on Amasi by Beyond Organic


Amasi Cultured Dairy – First of Its Kind in the USA
Video with Jordan Rubin: View in window below by clicking arrow.


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Note: The content provided in this article is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. You are encouraged to consult with your medical health care provider regarding any health concern or health-related condition you may have.

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