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Three Legendary Whole Food Probiotic Supplements
for Health and Healing & Jordan Rubin
– Founder of Garden of Life

by the Health Experts at Healthy Living Magazine

Last October Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life, spoke at Expo East at a time when he unfurled their whole food nutritional company’s Living Green makeover. It reminded everybody that the company founder truly has a sense of his own place and legacy in the field of natural health—but we think what really made people appreciate his remarks is that Jordan showed he had his own health heroes. He knows this field really well.

in his talk, he saluted Patricia Bragg, Jack La Lanne, Adelle Davis, Gayelord Hauser, and so many other really great figures in natural health—people who through their writings and outreach have tried their best to spread a message of health. Jordan talked about finding his own inspiration in their words and works and deeds, how each strongly influenced his own views on health (see our brief bios of each).
Like all of these great communicators, Jordan has been able to create excitement and bring meaning to natural health. To him, it’s science but more than that too. He sees it as a calling and a pathway of learning and exploration.

Jordan’s Path to Healing

Specifically, starting in 2001, he helped people to rediscover the healing power of live probiotic foods. He used his own bout with near-fatal Crohn’s disease and related complications for dramatic fodder—and it worked not only because his story was a good one but because the products that came along with that story were solid and based on science and ancient wisdom. Jordan did something else: He linked health with God and renewed our faith in Biblical dietary wisdom.

The medical hardship he faced nearly killed him, but it was put to good use. During his illness he read hundreds of books by health advocates and doctors about natural healing pathways in order to search for a cure for his own condition.

Ultimately, his health took a turn for the better when a scientist and explorer handed him a small bag of probiotic nutrients from a pristine area of the world. These soil organisms, when ingested, would eventually restore his body’s own populations of beneficial bacteria and its ability to assimilate nutrients. In his first book Patient Heal Thyself the wrote about the hygiene theory of health. He said our overly sterile lifestyles were part of the reason our bodies were often experiencing allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, and a whole host of other modern day health challenges. Jordan eventually came to see that, in a sense, he was a victim of our society’s penchant for hyper-hygiene to the point where even our pesticides destroy beneficial soil microorganisms.

Here’s how he recounted his illness in a 2001 issue of The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living:
“Every day I had between 12 and 30 bowel movements. Most were bloody. I had cramping and abdominal pain that was so bad; it must have been like having childbirth. You want to pull your hair out or bang your head against the wall.”

It was 1994. He was only 19 and had the blood of a dead man, almost completely lacking iron, with levels of serum albumin indicating that he was suffering from severe wasting disease (cachexia). His body did not have the necessary populations of beneficial bacterial organisms to help him maintain his immune and digestive health. He had gotten so skinny during his years of illness, in his picture he looked like a thin sheet hastily slapped on a skeleton. He tried many different remedies and treatments in America and Europe. After "Patient Heal Thyself," he wrote "The Maker’s Diet," a New York Times bestseller.

Please see the "Restoring Your Digestive Health" book by Jordan Rubin and Dr. Joseph Brasco, which is the the updated and expanded version of the "Patient Heal Thyself" book.

Helping Others

In good people, there is always a penchant to help others—after he got better, Jordan wanted to share his healing message. He called his company Garden of Life and spent the next five years bringing his message to churches and religious groups. Garden of Life supplements were essentially whole foods cultured with beneficial strains of bacteria (homeostatic soil organisms). Doctors and patients alike reported incredibly positive results. (Read more articles at

Three Legendary Whole Food Probiotic Supplements

Primal Defense, Perfect Food, and RM-10 all became industry-leading sellers, where they remain today, according to the SPINS data. Why? Because they were not only different but based on solid principles of natural health, and because so many doctors, patients and magazines began writing about these results.

Good health requires taking care of your gastrointestinal tract. If your gastrointestinal tract isn’t functioning optimally, your health is compromised. In Jordan’s case, his diarrhea and abdominal cramping were secondary to extreme intestinal dysbiosis—a condition that occurs when the population of organisms residing within the gastrointestinal tract becomes unbalanced, often resulting in acute or chronic sickness.

Normally, populations of disease-causing bacterial flora are kept in check by competition from good bacteria and because of symbiosis, which is the mutually interdependent relationship among the hundreds of intestinal microbial species residing within the body’s gastrointestinal tract. But so many of us have destroyed our beneficial populations of bacteria through too much processed food, antibiotics—from prescriptions and in our foods (such as dairy and meat)—and not enough cultured foods.

Jordan helped return to us our concept of culturing

As he told The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living early on while discussing the benefits of RM-10, “There are records of traditional herbalism from the Orient and other cultures in the Far East dating back 1500 years ago, which talked about herbal remedies that were used to treat a variety of ailments. In the past, there were always very predictable, very effective, very potent results. Yet today, we are not getting the same kind of healing response from these herbs. The reason people today aren’t being helped is not necessarily due to the lack of healing properties in the herbs themselves—it is the direct result of an ultimate breakdown in the human digestive tract. The nutrients and phytochemicals contained in herbs are not being broken down and utilized properly by the body, primarily because people’s guts have been destroyed from the overuse of prescription medications—antibiotics, corticosteroids, and other immune-suppressive drugs—as well as chlorinated and fluoridated water, ambient pollutants in our environment, and an overall poor diet coupled with a steady intake of junk foods.”

The application of the Poten-Zyme process in RM-10 creates a way for our bodies to utilize all of the phytochemicals and phytonutrients available in these herbs, with very little stress on the digestive tract. This benefit is extremely important to those people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, or those with AIDS and other immune disorders who have very little digestive capability. The enzymatic “pre-digestion” process in RM-10 increases bioavailability and absorption of the medicinal compounds, making them “body ready” for everyone, even those with compromised digestion. In other words, the sickest persons, with the least ability to utilize fibrous herbs, receive a much greater boost from RM-10 thanks to the fermentation process that the herbs undergo that makes their healing constituents far more available to the body.

Homeostatic Soil Organisms

The big formula though for everybody, the one that began it all, is Primal Defense, which contains a blend of Homeostatic Soil Organisms known to be helpful to the human body. Do not confuse HSOs with typical probiotic formulas. “Probiotic formulas are great, but HSOs add to our diet the many beneficial microorganisms modern agricultural and food-processing methods have denied our bodies.” The HSOs in Primal Defense contain 15 non-dairy probiotic strains provided intact in the fermented substrate in which they were raised.

Some experts said that ingesting these HSOs was like eating a plant grown in pristine soil thousands of years ago. “No more are you taking in pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, chlorine additives, fluorine, pollutants, carcinogens, atherogens, allergens, mutagens, autointoxicants, toxic metals, and other pathology-producing substances,” said Dr. Morton Walker who wrote several stories that he published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients. “The homeostatic soil organisms act as neutralizers of the poisons that ordinarily float in our food supply. They come from unpolluted sources and are currently cultured in a pristine environment maintained in laboratories . . .”

The host medium or substrate of green foods extracted from certified organic cereal grasses is important. Unlike conventional probiotic formulas that deliver their bacterial forms in a surprisingly sterile system (other than the beneficial organisms themselves), Primal Defense’s HSOs are not spun in a centrifuge but rather cultured in a nutritious growth mediums. This fermentation process leads to the creation of healthful compounds such as antioxidants.

After its introduction in 2001, Primal Defense became the leading probiotic formula in the country. Today it continues to be an industry leader and has spawned several related formulas. Primal Defense ULTRA  - Ultimate Probiotic Formula is now perhaps the highest potency broad-spectrum probiotic formula, made with 15 billion live cells per dosage, and an increased range of hardy beneficial active microorganisms to support intestinal comfort, bowel function and immune system health. For daily maintenance, great-priced Primal Defense HSO Probiotic Formula contains a proprietary blend of Homeostatic Soil Organisms that help maintain a balanced, healthy internal environment. The probiotics in Primal Defense also promote regular bowel function and help maintain an already healthy immune system.
Primal Defense Kids - Probiotic Formula can help support the health and vitality of your child’s immune and digestive systems. Primal Defense Kids is made with organic banana so your child will enjoy taking it.

Super Green Foods

And, finally, there is Perfect Food and Perfect Food Raw. How would you like to be able to consume your daily five to nine servings of vegetables in one drink? It’s estimated by the United States Department of Agriculture that less than 9.5 percent of the American adult population consumes five or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Yet, almost every major health organization, including the National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society, American Dietetics Association, and American Heart Association, have advised that eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day is the public’s best protection against degenerative diseases.


In the land of plenty, when we fail to consume adequate amounts of vegetables, we are squandering one of our most powerful weapons against killer diseases. Vegetables, when consumed at optimal amounts, have been shown in countless studies to protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and almost every killer disease common to modern men and women. A researcher at the University of Minnesota who specializes in studying the effects of enzymes that ward off cancer, Lee Wattenberg, Ph.D., has confirmed the value of taking in quantities of green superfoods each day. Dr. Wattenberg’s confirmation regarding the value of green superfoods was delivered in conjunction with the following summarizing statement: “Every vegetable, every fruit, has literally hundreds of constituents—any protection is likely due to a combination rather than a single chemical.”

Green foods are extremely important because they provide individual and combinations of nutrients we don’t typically receive in our diet. This is especially true for the more than 90 percent of Americans who don’t meet even the minimal recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.

As a means of countering this dismal finding, many consumers have turned to super green powdered blends. Such formulas, which are usually mixed with water or juice or taken as a tablet, utilize wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley, and other cereal grasses and green foods. Yet, no other company has packed as much nutrition into one probiotic whole green food drink as Garden of Life did with Perfect Food. It is so power-packed it dominated the green foods category from the start, and continues to do so. Here’s why Perfect Food recommended itself to health seekers:

Provides recommended daily serving of vegetables in one serving - One serving of Perfect Food is the equivalent of five to ten servings of vegetables, based on intake of marker nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron.

More greens per serving - The concentrate used in Perfect Food is 33 to 1. That means it takes 33 pounds of cereal grasses to make one pound of Perfect Food. What’s more, Perfect Food is 86 percent greens. Most competitor formulas contain only 30 percent greens, with the rest made up of high amounts of apple fiber and lecithin (two byproducts of the largest industries in the world—apple juice and soy production) or other types of fillers.

Improved Bioavailability and Absorption - Perfect Food is also a predigested green drink, once again using live cultures to create potent probiotic nutrients.

Many of the longest living and healthiest people in history have relied on fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, miso and tofu to support their health—and Jordan captured this powerful knowledge within three amazing products. So when you’re shopping for health, remember how important probiotic nutrients are to your health.


For more information on the Garden of Life Probiotic Whole Food Supplements mentioned in this article, please click on the following links:

Healing Greats

The daughter of the legendary Paul C. Bragg, the originator of health food stores and founder of America’s health movement, Patricia Bragg is a one-woman health organization. With 22 self-health books in print in 23 languages, Bragg has taken a leadership role in inspiring millions of people around the world to get on the path to good health. Whether passing out pamphlets at her local Santa Barbara farmers’ market or traveling the world (13 world trips to date) to lecture on a variety of health concerns, she is a woman on a health crusade.

Adelle Davis (1904-1974) was an American pioneer in the fledgling field of nutrition during the mid-twentieth century. She was an outspoken advocate of the superior value of whole, unprocessed foods, the dangers of food additives, and the dominant role that all nutrients play in maintaining health, preventing disease, and restoring health after the onset of disease.

Dr. Gayelord Hauser (1895-1984) was a German born-nutritionist, syndicated columnist and author of several bestselling books, most notably Look Younger, Live Longer (1950). One of the first proponents of living, whole foods, he criticized the “empty” over processed foods that were gaining popularity in the mid-twentieth century, especially sugar and white flour. Dr. Hauser is considered by many to be the founder of the natural foods movement.

Jack La Lanne, now 92 years old, is an American fitness, exercise and nutritional expert, celebrity, author, lecturer, and motivational speaker. His focus on regular, vigorous exercise and good nutrition gained him popularity decades before the idea of physical fitness moved into the mainstream. La Lanne has been referred to as “the godfather of fitness.”


Note: The content provided in this article is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. You are encouraged to consult with your medical health care provider regarding any health concern or health-related condition you may have.

The statements contained in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Suggestions and ideas presented in this document are for information only and should not be interpreted as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes. The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

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