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April 2015
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     To Your Vibrant Health & Well-Being!

Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

    To Your Vibrant Health & Well-Being!

Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH
Christine's Cleanse Corner, Inc.

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April 2015 Transform Your Health
‘Insider’s Club’ Newsletter

Spring has Sprung - bringing with it more sunshine, fragrant blooms and blossoms, warmer temperatures, spring cleaning, and the season for new beginnings. I encourage you to embrace and include some healthy and nutritious new beginnings in your daily routine!

This month's April 2015 edition of our Transform Your Health "Insider's Club" e-newsletter includes my recorded interview with well-known health & nutrition expert Jordan Rubin; two featured articles: one on a delicious & nutritious way to fulfill your daily essential nutritional needs of Protein, Probiotics, Minerals, and Electrolytes; and the other article on the reasons to supplement with the nutritive and healing power of raw foods. And closing out our newsletter is something for those of you to read who feel trapped on a hamster wheel and are ready for a new beginning and way to work smarter, not harder, while helping others and your self get healthier and wealthier.  

Special Promotions include: a free 30-day supply of New Chapter's Wholemega wild Alaskan salmon oil caps valued at $32 and $75 worth of Jordan Rubin Perfect Weight management resources that are being offered as special gifts in this edition. We also have a 50% off Super Sale happening for many of our Garden of Life, New Chapter, MyChelle Skin Care products. 

Listen to Christine's Recorded Interview with Jordan Rubin

For those of you that missed my live interview with Jordan Rubin, who is the founder of Garden of Life whole food nutritional supplements, founder of Beyond Organic - an organic food and beverage company farming thousands of organic acres in southern Missouri offering organic healthy foods, beverages, herbal therapeutics, and skin care, and New York Times Best Selling Author of the Maker's Diet, as well as 24 other publications. Jordan Rubin is one of America’s most recognized and respected natural health experts and is an international motivational speaker that has lectured on natural health in 5 continents and 46 states in the USA.
Click here to listen to Jordan's interview.

Why You May Need a Delicious & Nutritious Way to Fulfill your Daily Essential Requirements of Protein, Probiotics, Minerals, and Electrolytes


Many of today’s nutritional deficiencies are due to poor diet, mineral depleted soils, and harsh food processing. DEEP2 30 fills this nutritional gap. It is also one of my favorite ways to ensure that I am getting my daily essential proteins, probiotics, minerals and electrolytes. Deep2-30 by Mt. Capra comes in three delicious powder flavors (Coconut Dream, Banana Smoothie, and Strawberry Splash) that taste great mixed in water or added to your favorite smoothie recipe.

What makes Deep 2-30 so special is that is a natural blend of essential electrolytes, over 20 bio-organic minerals, and pure and natural proteins that include both casein and whey proteins from goat's milk for complete easily absorbed protein assimilation, that symbiotically assist both digestion and absorption of nutrients. It also contains the well-respected Ganeden BC30 - a safe, and powerful probiotic strain that is highly shelf-stable and has a proven track record of delivering digestion enhancement and immune support.

Deep 2-30 is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and preservatives. It is a great way to start your day, use when you don't have time to eat a nutritious meal, or use in place of a dessert with only 120 calories per serving!!! Click here to read more about how Deep- 2-30 can help you.          

Reasons to Supplement with the Nutritive Power of Raw Foods

One of the common reasons people choose to eat more raw is to improve the nutrient density of the foods they consume. Raw foods retain so many of their nutrients that they are a natural fit for anyone looking to add more nutrient-rich foods to their diet. Going hand in hand with nutrient density, is raw food’s ability to make your calories count. You have probably heard the term “empty calories” in reference to a food or beverage that contains plenty of calories but has little or no redeeming nutritional value.

A recent study published in Diabetes Care states “diets high in animal protein are associated with an increased diabetes risk,” while it also reports, “Vegetable protein was not related to diabetes.” The Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Pyramid suggests that half of your daily protein intake should be from plant-based proteins.

More recent research, presented in a recent issue of Nutrition Reviews, reports on the positive effects of plant-based protein consumption and its link to a decreased risk for breast cancer.

So how can you incorporate more raw into your goal of achieving better overall health, shaking up a mundane meal plan or slipping into a smaller size with renewed vigor? One way to help reach all your health-related resolutions is to introduce raw foods and supplements in to your diet. This article explains in detail the reasons why raw supplementation is so beneficial to your nutrition and health and how to include top quality raw food supplementation in your daily diet. Also included is resources for more raw articles and books.
Click here for article.

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