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Zyflamend Whole Body
by New Chapter
Liquid Veg Caps
90 Day Supply
Retail Price$100.95
Our Price $70.67

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Zyflamend Whole Body
by New Chapter

What is Supercritical Zyflamend?

Zyflamend is a combination of ten herbs, most of which have been used for thousands of years to promote health & longevity. These herbs have been extracted and formulated using New Chapter’s SuperCritical Extraction process, to maximize their effectiveness. New Chapter’s supercritical process is the gentlest way to extract these delicate herbal plant compounds in a manner to optimally preserve their potency and stability.

New Chapter’s Zyflamend contains the following herbs:

BAIKAL SKULLCAP contains a unique baicalin phytonutrient complex that naturally promotes healthy inflammation response.

BARBERRY and CHINESE GOLDTHREAD contain a unique berberine phytonutrient complex that naturally promotes a healthy inflammation response.

GINGER modulates both eicosanoid cascades and offers numerous anti-aging constituents.

GREEN TEA Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report green tea polyphenols exert a beneficial effect on healthy eicosanoid balance. Major university database notes green tea contains 51 phytonutrients that promote a healthy inflammation response.

HOLY BASIL (Ocimum sanctum) contains ursolic acid, which significantly enhances detoxification and promotes a healthy inflammation response.

HU ZHANG (Polygonum cuspidatum) is the richest known resveratrol source, with each daily serving delivering the approximate equivalent of six glasses of resveratrol-rich wine.

OREGANO contains a large number of phytonutrient modulators (31) according to USDA database.

ROSEMARY offer highly concentrated, full spectrum eicosanoid balance and support detoxification.

TURMERIC contains a unique curcumin phytonutrient complex, synergistic with green tea, significantly multiplying each herb's ability to promote healthy eicosanoid balance.

One serving of Zyflamend delivers more than 6 milligrams of naturally-occurring resveratrol. This is greater than the amount existing in 6 glasses of wine!

What are the benefits of taking Zyflamend?

  • Inflammation Modulator – Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response

  • Promotes Normal Cardiovascular Function

  • Promotes Normal Joint Function

  • Promotes Normal Cell Growth

The Supercritical Zyflamend by New Chapter contains numerous constituents that modern science has recognized can promote a healthy inflammation response. This is key to healthy joint function, long-term mental clarity, the cellular integrity of many organ systems, cardiovascular health and even healthy blood sugar metabolism.

Modern science now recognizes that the health of major organ systems – immune, cardiovascular, metabolic, skeletal, the brain is intimately connected to a healthy inflammation response, and Zyflamend represents the finest herbal approach to supporting a well-functioning inflammatory process.

What is the Difference between the herbal formula Zyflamend and COX-2 inhibiting drugs?

Zyflamend by New Chapter is not a drug, nor is it promoted as a substitute or alternative to drugs. Zyflamend is a combination of well known, time-tested and safe herbals.

Drugs typically contain one synthetic molecule designed to impact one biochemical pathway. Pharmaceuticals like Vioxx® and Celebrex® are “selective” COX-2 inhibitors. Zyflamend is neither “selective” nor a drug. Zyflamend was not formulated to disrupt just the COX-2 pathway and the herbs in Zyflamend have shown a broad range of inflammation modulation. Herbs in Zyflamend are used by traditional medical systems and modern herbal formulators to support healthy cardiovascular functioning.

Are there any specific recommendations on how to take Zyflamend?

As with any dietary supplement, it is recommend letting your health care practitioner know in advance of your intention to take Zyflamend. Zyflamend is a concentrated herbal formulation containing some herbs that are pungent or spicy. To acclimate the system to these herbs and what we call Zyflamend’s “internal sauna” effect, it is recommended that you start Zyflamend by taking one capsule a day for the first two weeks and then increase to two capsules after two weeks of comfortable and regular use. If you have a very sensitive digestive system, or are uncomfortable with the sensation of digestive warmth that can accompany spicy food, we have a few additional suggestions. First, that sensation often diminishes and disappears after a short period. Second, you may want to take your Zyflamend capsules with a full meal and a glass of water. Most people who have sensitivity will find that these suggestions are sufficient.

The benefits of Zyflamend are also available in an evening formulation called Zyflamend PM, where many of the more stimulating herbs have been replaced with herbs that gently support restful sleep.

About New Chapter's Supercritical Herbal Extracts:

"Supercritical" means Super Purity, Super Potency, Broad Spectrum, and No Chemical Solvents. New Chapter takes nature's finest herbs and then extracts and highly concentrates (as high as 250 to 1) their precious, full spectrum ingredients. New Chapter does not isolate single ingredients or spike extracts with synthesized additives. They deliver the wisdom of nature, with the complexity and organic nuances of the natural herb preserved for you. In fact, the supercritical process is the gentlest way to extract these delicate plant compounds in a manner to optimally preserve their potency and stability. And when you take New Chapter's supercritical extracts, neither you, nor the environment, have to contend with chemical solvents. For more information on New Chapter’s SuperCritical Extraction process, click here.

Doctors, Health Practitioners & Researches Comment on Zyflamend:

Aaron E. Katz M.D. - Director, Columbia University’s Center for Holistic Urology

“As the Director of Columbia University’s Center for Holistic Urology, I have recommended that my patients take Zyflamend to promote normal prostate functioning. Zyflamend has shown great promise in our urology lab as a highly active herbal formulation, and it has properties that may uniquely promote normal cellular activity in the prostate. My patients and I are pleased with the results obtained with Zyflamend, and I recommend it to doctors and patients alike.”

James P. Nicolai, M.D. - Medical Director Franciscan Center for Integrative Health

“As a practitioner of Integrative Medicine, I am always looking to use natural and safe interventions whenever possible. Science is beginning to show that a healthy inflammation response is important to the immune and cardiovascular systems, mental health, and virtually every other indicator of quality of life and longevity. I’ve found Zyflamend by New Chapter to be the perfect supplement for my patients whenever inflammation support is required.”

Dave Foreman, R.Ph., N.D. - Host of the Natural Pharmacist, author of the forthcoming The Herbal Pharmacist’s Guide to Natural Cancer Therapies

“As an integrative pharmacist with expertise in herbal preparations, I believe that “best practices” in modern medicine should include the use of well-studied and safe herbal formulations that promote health and the quality of life. One such excellent preparation is Zyflamend, with strongly documented ability to support healthy inflammatory processes. My patients and I have enthusiastically embraced  Zyflamend and the herbs in that formula have been shown to also promote normal cardiovascular and joint function. It is an important part of my integrative practice.”

Roberta Lee, M.D., Medical Director, Continuum Center for Health and Healing

“As Medical Director of an integrative health center, I use Zyflamend in my practice to promote a healthy inflammation response. I have observed great benefit in patients with a wide range of needs, and I encourage the integrative use of this broad-spectrum herbal formulation.”

Dr. Eliot W. Edwards, N.D. - Center for Integrative Health and Healing, Delmar, NY

“The majority of my patients can value a supplement that supports a healthy inflammation response. I use Zyflamend as part of my treatment plan and I have seen great results restoring normal, healthy function to the prostate, gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system.”

Dr. Mark Joseph, D.C.

“As a Chiropractor, my goal is to balance the spine and relieve nerve interference. To modulate inflammation, Zyflamend is my product of choice. The positive response has been overwhelming. You know you have a great product when patients come back asking for more.”

Robert A. Newman, Ph.D. - Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Director, Pharmaceutical Development Center, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

“It is our belief that a combination of plant-based products obtained through a unique extraction process may provide a product where multiple components interact synergistically at relatively low doses. We think that this is a strategy for control of inflammation that may be more appropriate and perhaps even safer compared to the single targeted high dose pharmaceutical agent.”

David Radford, D.C.

“As an adjunct to my therapy, I have recommended Zyflamend to hundreds of patients and found it helpful in promoting a healthy inflammation response. Our profession and other doctors interested in integrative therapies should encourage the use of herbal inflammation modulation, which has been an important part of natural and traditional medical systems for thousands of years.”

Earl Surwit, M.D. Tucson, AZ

“I am a physician and surgeon, specializing for over twenty-five years in gynecologic oncology, and am now practicing urogynecology… I was also the principal investigator of a human clinical trial using a Zyflamend-based protocol with women undergoing chemotherapy treatment for recurrent ovarian cancer. ...We determined that the Zyflamend protocol significantly enhanced the quality of life of the patients in the trial, and on the basis of that trial and my clinical experience, I think Zyflamend holds great promise as an adjuvant therapy for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment. I also recommend  Zyflamend for my patients to support a healthy inflammation response.”

Supercritical Zyflamend by New Chapter is not a drug product that is intended as an alternative to prescription anti-inflammatories. We suggest that you consult your health care professional if you suffer from pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Caution: New Chapter sells Zyflamend only as a dietary supplement, not as a drug product. Zyflamend is not promoted by New Chapter as a product for the prevention, treatment, mitigation, or cure of breast cancer, prostate cancer, or any other specific disease or class of diseases. As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.

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