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Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, & author of "The Cleanse Cookbook" founder of
Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and author of
 "The Cleanse Cookbook"

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Special Conference Call Interview with Paul Schulick, Paul Schulick is a Master Herbalist, Founder & Formulator of New Chapter Organic Supplements, Join us for a special ’by invitation only’ conference call interview with Paul Schulick, the founder and formulator of New Chapter Organics products. Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH will be interviewing Paul Schulick on the “Epidemic of Inflammation – Causes and Treatment.” Paul is a Master Herbalist and founded New Chapter about 30 years ago to bring the healing value of nature’s botanicals into people’s lives. Paul brings to us a wealth of knowledge and information on the subject of inflammation, why there is an epidemic of inflammation occurring now, and natural, drug-free ways to put out the fires of inflammation.

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Try Garden of Life Immune Balance Formulas

Immunity Take Care
by New Chapter
30 Lozenges
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New Chapter Immunity Take Care Blockade with ViraBloc. Blockade Immunity Take Care  is the first natural, all-herbal virus blocker that blocks viruses from entering human cells

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Try Garden of Life Immune Balance Formulas

Immune Take Care
by New Chapter
30 Vege caps
Retail Price$39.95
Our Price $23.97

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Read the Article:
New Studies Just Released!
Protect Yourself from Cold & Flu Viruses Naturally with Elderberry Extract
By Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Read the Article:
A New Generation Herbal Therapeutic for Blocking Viruses - The Immunity Take Care Story
by Taryn Forrelli, ND

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Elderberry Primer:
An Answer to Support the Body’s Healthy
Viral Defenses

by Melissa Block - Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living

Read the Article:
Christine’s tips for staying healthy
during the Cold & Flu Season

by Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Read the Article:
Protect Yourself During
Cold & Flu Season

by Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Read the Article:
Prior Planning & Prevention
to Side-Step the Cold & Flu Season
By Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Read the Article:
An Answer to Support the Body’s
Healthy Viral Defenses

Melissa Lynn Block – Healthy Living Article

Read the Article:
Elderberry - The Winter Wellness Berry
By New Chapter

Immunity Take Care &
Immune Take Care
by New Chapter

100% Herbal Immune System Enhancer*

Available as a Vege Cap

Because Immunity Take Care by New Chapter is a fast dissolving, great tasting, all natural lozenge that you hold under your tongue, it enters and starts working in your bloodstream in minutes . . . not hours, unlike anti-virals whose primary delivery mechanism has to work through the GI tract (stomach lining).

  • Begins working in minutes . . .not hours!

  • Verified dose-to-dose potency

  • 100% Herbal Immune System Enhancer*

  • Natural blueberry flavor with other natural flavors

  • In the bloodstream in less than 30 minutes

  • DARTvision fingerprinted extract with targeted dose-reliable bioactives

Dating back to the fifth century BCE, the writings of Hippocrates describe the use of tonics derived from Elderberry (Sambucus nigra). In the Middle Ages, Elderberry was traditionally used to help support the immune system.*

New Chapter is proud to deliver this revered botanical in Immunity Take Care, an herbal therapeutic that enhances the immune system.*

New Chapter believes in the infinite wisdom of nature and that the whole herb and its family of chemistries, and not just a small fraction of its chemical components, delivers Nature’s true wisdom. This belief in the whole herb represents the foundation of our formulation philosophy for all herbal therapeutics.

While many conventional extracts of Elderberry are available, none consistently provides the broad spectrum of herbal chemistries and key bioactives available in Immunity Take Care. This breakthrough formula combines Nature’s full herbal intelligence with a unique and patent pending DARTvision extraction process that guarantees dose assured potency in every lozenge.

Dosage Assured Potency

Using a scientific breakthrough called DARTvision, Immunity Take Care herbal extract is fingerprinted and guaranteed to have the same full-spectrum potency from capsule to capsule without the variation common in natural herbal therapeutics. This exclusive New Chapter innovation ensures that the whole intelligence of the herb is consistently delivered.


Listen to Immunity Take Care Educational Audio Interview with Dr. Randall Alberte & Paul Schulick

We also recommend the following support and preventative products during Cold & Flu Season:

Sinus and Respiratory by New Chapter provides Supercritical Herbal Defense and Supercritical power for greater comfort and fast recovery. Sinus and Respiratory optimizes wellness through dozens of confirmed immunoactive botanical pathways. New Chapter has extensively researched the herbal pharmacopoeia and international medical databases and discovered that the following time-tested herbs, properly extracted and blended in the correct proportions, contain multiple immune-stimulating constituents. Sinus and Respiratory includes: Oregano, Garlic, Echinacea, Elderberry, Goldenseal, Myrrh, Andrographis Paniculata, Green Tea, Astragalus, Salicin combination of Wintergreen, Meadowsweet and Purple Willow, Melissa, Ginger, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.
Sinus and Respiratory
by New Chapter Supercritical Herbal Defense for greater comfort and fast recovery

New Chapter LifeShield Immunity, Organic Mushrooms
LifeShield Immunity Mushrooms
Organic, Vegan, Whole Life-Cycle, Activated Mushrooms for Immune System Defense

How Immunity Take Care Works

Immunity Take Care, with the exclusive extract is the first all-herbal, natural therapeutic that acts to block viruses from entering human cells, therefore preventing them from replicating.*

A virus is much smaller than a human cell, but despite its small size can be very powerful, especially when allowed to replicate. When a virus gets into the nose, lungs or mouth it targets particular cells in the body and attaches to them in very specific ways. Once inside the cell, the virus multiplies rapidly to make copies of itself. These newly copied viruses escape the cell and enter the bloodstream to find even more cells to attach to.

The bioactive molecules in Immunity Take Care by New Chapter seeks out viruses, bind to them, and create a coating around them. This coating is like a fence around the virus that blocks its ability to attach to and enter cells.

The bioactives in Immunity Take Care actually bind themselves to viruses, coat the viruses, and block their ability to attach to and enter human cells.*

In-vitro laboratory studies of this patent pending extract have demonstrated up to a 100% success rate in inhibiting the entry of enveloped viruses (like influenza).

How Immunity Take Care Is Different

  • Acts Before the Virus Can Attack

Unlike antivirals that begin to work after viruses have begun multiplying, Immunity Take Care works to target and block viruses before they can replicate.*

  • Complete Herbal Bioactive Chemistries

Immunity Take Care is not a synthetic chemical isolate. Immunity Take Care is a 100% Herbal Virus Blocker that provides the full range of bioactive chemistries of the natural herbal source, thanks to the combination of supercritical extraction and a breakthrough technology for validating potency, called DART (Direct Analysis in Real-Time).*

While other commercially available natural products contain fewer than 150 components, Immunity Take Care contains over 1,000 natural chemistries and the key bioactives in each dose.

  • Verified Potency & Bioactives

Using a scientific breakthrough called DART, Immunity Take Care is guaranteed to have the same potency from dose-to-dose, without the pill-to-pill variation common in natural herbal therapeutics.

Immunity Take Care uniquely contains over 1,000 natural chemistries - rich in virus-blocking constituents representing a broad spectrum of naturally occurring chemistries.*

Commercial Elderberry herbal extract (as tested) contained less than 150 chemistries, which is significantly fewer than the full compliment of chemistries in Immunity Take Care.


Also see Immunity Take Care for Kids

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

† In accordance with U.S. regulations, this product is not intended to prevent or treat cold or flu.
Caution: As with any dietary supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product.

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