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These are excerpts of correspondence received by Christine Dreher about the outstanding results achieved by happy and healthy customers.

These are not made up. These are actual correspondence received by Christine.


I love ordering from you. While every single order gets a handwritten "Thank You!" note, on the occasions that I call, every person I have spoken to is so kind and polite and happy to have me call! For example, today I spoke with one of your Customer Service staff to let her know that the "free gift for orders over $200" wasn't a selection when I placed my order on your website. She just said, "No problem, what's your name, and what do you want, I'll just go put it in there." How refreshing, in this day and age when you get call centers that are halfway around the world and I just get a "Sorry, ma'am, nothing I can do about it." Thank you for thinking of us, the customer! I love the way you do business and have loved it for several years in the past and will continue to refer people to your site! Your employees are AWESOME!

Jennifer P. from Golden, CO


For the last few years I've been purchasing my health supplements from you and I wanted to take the time to just say thank you! I live in Michigan and even with the cost of shipping the items from California I still pay a lot less than if I were to buy the supplements locally. I've never had a problem with any of my orders and on the occassion that I have to call for information your people have always been very helpful. Thanks again and have a great day!


Fernando V. - Michigan

Hi Christine,

I received my first newsletter from you today. I really liked it. It was very informative and well put together. I liked the graphics. The articles were great. I plan to try the NOTOX soon. Sounds great. I used to work for a company that published on-line newsletters. I put together and wrote a number of them myself. So I wanted you to know that I was very impressed with yours.

Keep up the good work !
Michele L.
Wolcott , CT
 Hello Christine,

I did the Arise and Shine cleanse which I purchased from you and later repeated it with my husband. (I had to show him first of course). The cleanse reversed, not only his acute gout attacks (enzymes did a good job of that), but also reversed the disease such that the swelling in his hands and feet went down.

Independently, my girl friend in Encinitas, also did the Arise and Shine cleanse, and was very happy with her results and was working with you directly! How amazing that we both found you on our own.

I tell everyone about the cleanse and hope to refer some family members, since I am now relocated back to San Diego where I grew up. Your "Cleanse Cookbook" was very helpful to the success of my cleanse and I hope to introduce it to others. I just wanted to thank you and perhaps we will meet some day.

Natalie H.
San Diego, CA

From Michelle T. about "The Cleanse Cookbook,"

I really love your book, "The Cleanse Cookbook". You have been such an
inspiration to me. May God be with you and keep blessing you.

Michelle T.

From Lynne B. about Primal Defense, OmegaZyme and RM-10,

I am writing to let you know something wonderful about RM-10. As I have told a couple of you, I am a survivor of stage IV Metastasized Melanoma. My complete recovery, I believe was aided (how much we don't know) by 3 Garden of Life products sent to me by an old friend; Primal Defense, OmegaZyme and RM-10. I started taking these when I started chemo. This was my second round of treatments; the first being 4 sessions of Interleuken (High dose). The odds of my beating this were 20 to 1 against success. Needless to say my MD's at Dartmouth were amazed and stunned.

I have a friend who has been fighting CLL; Chronic Lymphomic Leukemia for four years. Last Feb she met with a Doctor in NYC. He is an oncologist of incredible depth and understanding who is holistic in approach. My friend has been in chemo since March and is doing better than believed possible. Last month when she saw her doctor in NY, he said she was to continue with another 6 months of chemo and he wanted her to start taking RM-10 !!!
What validation for us all.

I still take "the big 3" that I started with a couple of years ago and now my husband and I have added the Living Multi, Calcium and C. I have no intention of discontinuing these supplements. My hope is that the wonderful discounts now offered by you dear ladies will continue so that I can afford to continue taking these most beneficial products.
To your Health!

Lynne B.

From Carla Johnston about Primal Defense,

My son has Crohn's. It was so bad, he bled, he walked bent double while moaning, he lived on Boca burgers and bread or Boost drink, when he COULD eat. He was getting fat from the diet and from being a couch potato. He quit riding his bike, which we both gave up when he couldn't ride. The expensive Pentasa drug (at least $400 per month) was doing NOTHING for him.

My husband found out about your Primal Defense (caplets) and ordered some. We got them one afternoon in March, and my son took one pill, right before I went to church to pray ... I was home in about 45 minutes. He was giddy, he felt so good, and told me to poke his tummy with my finger, which I dared not do, so he demonstrated for me himself! He begged for peanut butter, and salad, and about a dozen other things to eat. I made him proceed cautiously, trying one thing at a time, working up to hot sauce and pickles in about two weeks! He can eat anything now! I expected maybe we'd see some improvement after a few weeks, but got instant results! I don't know if this is typical, but I think it was a miracle! He only gets diarrhea if he forgets his Primal Defense caplet, but is now eating properly, we ride bikes 2-3 hours daily and he's getting trim and fit!! (One caplet a day is less than $10 per month!!)

Thank you, and thanks, God!
Carla Johnston

From C.R. about Our Service,

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt and professional service. Every time I have ordered from you, I have been pleased with your service and generosity. Thank you for the gift of "The Maker's Diet".

God Bless You,

From Cory about RM-10 and Primal Defense,

The Garden Of Life products have been a true blessing for me. And as long as I am breathing I want to always have the Primal Defense and RM-10 in my cabinets. I was usually sick 4 to 5 times a year, and after taking small doses of the RM-10 and Primal Defense and Perfect Food super green powder I have only had one sinus infection in 13 months. And with our fast pace life I never can get time to eat the right healthy foods and these products help me to get the nutrition my body needs without taking the necessary time to prepare meals. Your website is the cheapest and easiest way to get my vitamins. I only wish more people would try all of the different products that are available.

Thank You very much,
Satisfied Customer

From Curtis about RM-10 for Hepatitis,

Hi, my name is Curtis. Two years ago, I was diagnosis with Hepatitis C 1-A. The regular treatment did not make it go away. Then I tried RM-10, Feed your Immune System from Garden of Life products, and at my last check up I had no signs of the Hepatitis in my system.

Thank you

From D.M. about CapraFlex for OsteoArthritis,

I’m a 65 year old man who has suffered from osteoarthritis off and on since 1990. My first attack occurred after several weeks of post Loma Prieta house reinforcement carpentry. It took about a year for the swollen finger joints to heal. This good effect may have been aided by my becoming a “health fanatic” (no: alcohol, coffee, white sugar, trans fats, chlorinated/fluoridated water, junk food, overprocessed salt, etc. Lots of complex carbs, high fiber foods, raw fruit, Omega 3 fatty acid rich deep sea fish, ionic trace minerals, and many beneficial supplements, plus daily exercise (now including a daily short Yoga/Chi Gung program)). Right wrist and shoulder soreness returned 2 years ago when I started a weight training program. Daily glucosamine sulfate and MSM helped until I increased the weight levels past a certain point. I then read Joran Rubin’s “Patient Heal Thyself” and , in Oct.04 decided to try CapraFlex. That was a fortunate decision. The inflammation went away within a week and I restarted my weight training program, and, unless I do something stupid – like solo lifting an awkward 130 lbs. Generator in and out of a truck – the soreness hasn’t returned. Yea CapraFlex! My goal is to stay fit as long as possible. CapraFlex will help me achieve this goal. I highly recommend it to osteo arthritis sufferers.

Yours truly,
D. M.

From J.T. about "The Cleanse Cookbook," and Cleansing,

Hi Christine, Received the cleansing program package and am very pleased with it. A great big THANK YOU for the wonderful "Cleanse Cookbook". It is excellent. I read cookbooks like novels and truly enjoyed reviewing it. I will share the recipes with my daughter as she is also a vegan and health conscious. Also I intend to show it to my health food store and strongly encourage them to stock it. I know the book with be so helpful during the cleanse. Also, another THANKS for the other book, Patient Heal Thyself. I will dive into it during the cleanse and it looks like great reading material. AND another thanks for all of the flyers and newsletters you included in the box. I know I will be placing another order with you as I am very impressed with some of the products... Peace and blessings to you, Christine, for helping others and reaching out to them through you knowledge and love. Another thank you for that!!! Here is to good health for all.

J. T.

From R.S. . about Primal Defense and Fungal Defense,

Primal Defense and Fungal Defense:

I have found the Primal Defense and Fungal Defense cleanse products to be just amazing in the short time I have been using them. I am 54 years young and now feel more like that also.

I had and maybe have still a very high candida yeast count, 686, which can bring about a lot of negative side effects no matter what conventional doctors say. I have had sinus problems for years, asthma from a young age, slight skin problems. I have always eaten a fairly healthy diet and have been very athletic so these two things have probably saved me. The foods we get today must be so lacking in what the body really needs.

Recently my heel became sore and wouldn't go away. I thought it was from running so I gave that up temporarily. A couple years ago I started developing some red lumps here and there on my skin. Doctor's didn't know what they were and thought I should be tested for cancer. That wasn't it but could have lead to it if untreated I think.

The reason I went to a holistic doctor to find out about yeast was that I had an irritable bowel and painful stomach, intestines at times when I ate. She said you must not be feeling too well. I said how did you guess. So I made all kinds of diet changes and that helped a bit and six months later got tested again and the yeast count was down to 500, still not good. So a little frustrated went back to old ways and got worse again.

Along comes Primal Defense. Within a week of taking the homeostatic soil organisms I started feeling a bit better. Then I started the Fungal Defense. I've been on it for 8 days now and the pains are gone, eating is easier and bowel is much better. The pain in my heel is going away, my other foot is feeling really good and the red spots on my skin are drying up and going away. This is pretty amazing stuff.

I will keep you posted as other changes occur. This might be the fountain of youth or at least a reprieve from old age.


From J.F. about Primal Defense,

The Primal Defense product has almost completely cleared me of a very bad case of irritalble bowel.  I am so thankful for it. I'm sure that after 90 days, I will be back to normal or better.

Thanks! J.F.

From M.R. about Primal Defense,

Primal Defense has done wonders for me!! I had ordered Primal Defense 3 months ago and I have been taking it ever since and I wanted to tell SOMEBODY how great this product is! I have noticed a huge difference in my crohn's symptoms especially when I was into it the second month. I can't say enough how this product has benefited me! I have normal bowel movements now after 7 years of dealing with crohn's disease. I am off all medication and doing very well! Someone needs to get the word out that this stuff does great things for the digestive system! I am planning to continue taking it as long as I can get it! Right now I am beginning my 4th month on it and I am planning to cut back to 6 a day instead of 8 and will most likely stay on that dosage for a long time. Primal Defense has done wonders for me, and I hope others will find out about this wonderful product!!!

Thanks. M.R.

From John about Acid Defense,

. . . I wanted to let you know since I sent you this request for info on acid defense, I have been able to give acid defense a try. IT IS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!! It really works! I have had doctors to put me on Nexium, etc. in the past. This is the first natural product I have found that really does have an impact in a short period of time. Also, not only does it help with acid, but if taken over a prolonged period will actually help to adjust the total PH of the body. Just wanted to relay this to you to let you in on how well this product works. I believe it could so many people that have this problem. In fact, every time that Jordan Rubin (maker of Acid Defense) is on the Doug Kaufman health show, the show is inundated with calls from people all over the United States.

Thanks again for your help, John

From L.P. about Primal Defense,

Dear Christine:
I was so surprised to find my Primal Defense waiting for me today, Monday. I ordered them on Saturday the 28th. That is the fastest service I have ever had anywhere! thanks so much. My husband has been using the probiotics for about a month. He is a real skeptic. He has had VERY swollen glands in his neck for over a year. Two doctors want them biopsied, but in the past few weeks, they have reduced size by 50% on one side and 90% on the other. He is very pleased. My daughter is also taking Primal Defense and I gave your phone number to a friend today who has a daughter that has salmonella and her doctor wants her to take acidophilus. When I find a good thing, I tell lots of people about it.

Thanks for your help, L.P.

From S.G. about Primal Defense and Perfect Food,

...I started taking Primal Defense and the Perfect Food tablets in March 2002 to address parasites, severe PMS, poor digestion, depression and to improve overall health. I also gave the same to my children in powder form to improve their over all health and strengthen their immune systems. This was a particularly important for my Autistic 6 year old. Well, I am happy to report that I am parasite free, PMS has dramatically improved, I no longer use Advil or Ibuprofen for the first time EVER! (I have relied upon them for the past 16 years!) My digestion is normal (I also suffered from constipation all of my life) and depression is diminished (I feel better with each passing month!) No more allergies!! And most dramatically, I DO NOT GET SICK!!! Since May, I have had ONE very, and I mean VERY slight cold, in which I felt a bit tired for a few days! I have seen absolutely no green or yellow phlegm since MAY! Pardon my excitement but, this is a first, I was a very sickly child with, allergies, chronic sinus problems and nose bleeds, and while in school often suffer from colds, flu, sore throats and that nasty green or yellow phlegm YUCK!! It is just so exciting!! I have seen the same in my kids, they rarely if ever get sick!! I don't fear the flu and cold season anymore, nor am I afraid when they are around people who are sick!! I have saved a lot of money in doctor bills this year thanks to Primal Defense and Perfect Food, they are my secret weapon against illness!! Lastly, by far the greatest blessing we have witnessed from these amazing supplements is in my child with Autism. My special child was on a totally wheat free and dairy free diet that was restrictive and very hard to follow and quite isolating. My son now can tolerate wheat and some dairy in moderation...and he has put on weight, is rarely, if ever sick and doing well in a regular kinder garden class with an aide!!!!! Awesome!!!!!


btotop.gif (122 bytes)

From K.S. - Regarding Primal Defense,

I have psoriatic arthritis (mimics rheumatoid arthritis), and haven't responded to any medication including Remicade, since I was diagnosed over a year and a half ago. I honestly didn't think I would see any relief from the Primal Defense for at least 90 days. For the first time since diagnoses, I'm not in constant pain and I've cut the Prednisone down from 10mg/day to 4mg/day and plan to continue in this direction. Thank you so much for giving me relief and hope to one day feel normal again.

btotop.gif (122 bytes)

Primal Defense Success with I.B.D. Pet,

Dear Christine:
I wanted to write you and tell you of my success with Primal Defense. I have a 7 year old German Shepherd that has the type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease which is similar to Crohn's disease in humans. He also has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency which requires him to take a special enzyme but because of this problem he has always had a veracious appetite. Despite this appetite, in May of this year he started losing weight and ended up losing 20 pounds which for a dog is a lot. After many trips to the vets, I was told there was not much that could be done for him. I felt like I was watching my boy waste away to nothing and had even talked to my vet about putting him down because I could not stand to watch him suffer so much. Because I could not find anything natural for dogs with IBD I started scanning the web sites for humans with IBD. I came across the Primal Defense and thought I would give it a try as we had nothing to lose.

After finishing one bottle of Primal Defense my boy started putting eight on and today I am happy to say that he has gained back his 20 pounds and than some. He continues to get 3 tablets a day and will get this for the rest of his life. My vet was so impressed with the results that he now has Primal Defense in his clinic. I am on a canine IBD list through the Internet and several of the people on the list have ordered the Primal Defense for their dogs after hearing of my success story. So to the makers of Primal Defense and to you I would like to extend a big "THANK YOU". I believe that because of Primal Defense my boy is still with me today.

Yours truly,

btotop.gif (122 bytes)

From Lisa, Regarding Primal Defense and Candida

...From my own experience, I found Primal Defense to be one of most potent probiotics I have ever use. I started Primal Defense around Thanksgiving 2001. I had such die off problems, I had to keep cutting back on my dosage and it has taken me over 8 months to reach 11 tablets a day. I found I could not increase my dosage more than one tablet a month. I should reach my 12th tablet by next month and will take that amount for the next three months. I'm writing this e-mail for anyone in my similar situation. Hang in there. Take it slow. But KEEP moving forward. Recovery is a slow slow hard process. Remember it did not take a day to get in the condition you are in. Stick with it. If you experience die off while taking your Primal Defense, don't give up but just go slower and endure. You will improve and you will get well. It may take you a year or more. It is taking me about a year to get through the program for someone who needs the therapeutic level of treatment. Hang in there and just remember on those bad days when you want to give up, don't give up and keep plugging along. If you have a set back, take it in stride and try to increase your dosage next month. You will never regret it if you keep hanging in there. If you don't, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Have a GREAT day because things will get better. 

Thanks for reading my story. 

(History of Health conditions: ) Although I have tried several probiotic products over the years, I found one that I thought was good and it seem to serve it's purpose. I used that product steadily for over five years. I had chronic sinusitis and some other problems which developed into an extreme disability about two years ago that manifested itself into extreme abdominal pain and discomfort with extreme weight loss. I was out of work for over 6 months and could not find a cure, let alone a diagnosis. I saw every medical doctor that my doctor could send me to, but still no results. You name the speciality, I saw them all. I was prescribed several rounds of different antibiotics and other medication, and no improvement. I tried the holistic approach and still no results. I returned to work quite ill, and appeared so per my co-workers' comments. I found a nutritionist who diagnosed me with a systemic yeast infection. Per his suggestions, I started a starch free diet and have kept to that religiously, along with caprylic acid. I became aware of Primal Defense when I heard the founder discuss his case history on the radio show "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise." I had nothing to lose so I got myself a bottle the rest I describe in the paragraph above.

btotop.gif (122 bytes)

Primal Defense for Psoriasis:

I've been on the Primal Defense for about 2-2.5 months now (6/day). I got on this to try to help my psoriasis and it has been the best product I've tried yet. In this time most of my plaques have gone away and not returned. I'm down to one more spot and it is diminishing gradually and I'm confident it will be history in another month or two. This has plagued me for 6 years and this seems like it is the cure for me. I also used to break out bad on my legs due to over toxification and that has also gone away. The cause of Psoriasis is also originated in the intestine. Skin is looking good and I'm sure feeling good.

Thx! Oh happy day!

btotop.gif (122 bytes)

Dear Christine,

Christine, Again, thanks so much for everything - the cleanse support really helped me to keep up with this. Everyday I'm amazed at how good I feel. My attitude has improved so much and my stress level is lower than I remember it to be for many years...nothing upsets me! I love it! I can't wait for the "final" results. My husband asked me how long I plan to be on "this diet" and I was happy to tell him that "I'm not on a diet, I'm getting healthy and the weight loss is a side-benefit. I plan to be healthy the rest of my life and you can expect to see natural and healthy foods in the house from now on". He looked surprised and gave me such a nice hug. :-) I look forward to the liver cleanse and I believe cleansing will be a big part of my life from now on. 


btotop.gif (122 bytes)

Dear Christine,

Thank you! I am so grateful for the Primal Defense products.  Both Primal Defense and Perfect Food are really helping me manage my Crohn's Disease symptoms. 

My best,
E.C. in Atlanta, GA

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About Primal Defense, Cleanse Diet and Clearing Candida:

...I am so thankful there is a product on the market that works with the cleansing diet to promote "happy bacteria" and a healthy body. I have been on the cleansing diet since January 22nd. I can not believe the changes I have experienced already; that is what keeps me motivated to stay on the diet (even though I don't stick with it 100 %). My husband says I don't snore anymore, and I don't have awful bad breath in the mornings. I had several concerns on my agenda. One was removing the bloated feeling I have and being hungry for a change. I have not been bloated since I started (not even during my period) and yes, I am REALLY hungry again, something I have not experienced in years!  I can also finish my meal and not feel "stuffed", just satisfied. I am not craving sweets or carbs, although once in a while I must have a taste. I must confess I do put skim milk on my oatmeal and real dressing on my salads (I just use a sparing amount). Another concern was to clear my stuffed nose. I can not believe it!  Starving the candida worked! It is not completely gone, but I am much better.  I can smell again!  We drove by a chicken restaurant and I could smell the fried chicken, or I walked down the baking isle in the grocery store, I never knew those odors  were present. I can smell myself again and that is good. I never thought I got stinky. I don't need Flonase nasal spray anymore because my passages are opening up again. I am going to call all my doctors this week and tell them what was wrong with me.  And this is after 2 1/2 weeks! I am still waiting for the memory to kick in but I see signs of more energy and better clarity of thought. I know it can only get better. Thanks for your website and all the info I have been able to retrieve. I can't understand how the medical community can not see this problem. It makes so much sense. I am very thankful my daughter's doctor, who had the
wisdom to see this serious illness for what it was and get her started on the road to recovery. My daughter was gaining weight just by looking at food. She is in college so I can't keep up with her as when she was home but I am praying she will stick to this regime as best she can and that she, too, will soon see the results.

M. E.
Denton, Texas

btotop.gif (122 bytes)

Colitis and Primal Defense:

I want to take this time to thank you for your wonderful Primal Defense capsules. I have been suffering with colitis for over three years. I suffered with constant cramping a frequent runny bowel movements. My doctor prescribed Asocol, an anti-inflamatory. My nutritionist had me on a impossibly bland diet. Between the two of them, my symptoms were still present though less severe. I found your cleanse products while surfing the web. I tried it in desperation not believing it would work. After all, both my doctor and nutritionist said my condition was chronic and would never improve. In fact, my doctor alerted me to the possibility of radical surgery as this condition only worsens with age. He told me of the high frequency of colon cancer and various other consequences.

I started the cleanse products as soon as it arrived. Within a week, the cramps and frequent bowel movements were over. My sense of wellness returned. I have more energy and am more willing to avail myself towards social situations not worrying about a sudden cramp and the availability of a toilet. In fact during a recent company physical when I listed colitis as an existing condition, I was told after examination that I didn't have colitis. 

I will use your product religiously. My doctor tells me it is in my head. I see the results every day when I visit the bathroom only once a day and pass stool normally.

Thanks again. A customer for life. Ken G.

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