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The Raw Truth Book
by Jordan Rubin

Transform Your Health with the Power of Living Nutrients

RAW is not just a fad - the RAW movement is here to stay. In Jordan Rubin’s latest book The Raw Truth, Jordan uncovers the truth about this hottest new trend in health that is really centuries old. Discover the logical, simple health principles that have been historically demonstrated in the lives of thirteen “legends of health.” You will also meet some of the hottest trendsetters in the RAW world and gain access to their resources, recipes and knowledge.

Raw Truth is the Latest Health and Wellness Book from New York Times Best Selling Author – Jordan S. Rubin and contains:

  • 16 educational and inspirational chapters detailing how to Eat, Supplement and Live RAW

  • Dozens of RAW Recipes plus where to go to find hundreds more

  • 16 RAW Protocols specific to Age/Gender, and those looking to address specific needs—Weight Loss, Immune Support, Hormone Health, Fitness/Muscle Building, Healthy Inflammation and more.

  • RAW Resources – How to find RAW foods and body care products.

  • Contains valuable coupons for Garden of Life’s latest innovation - the RAW Digestion Line – RAW Probiotics, RAW Enzymes, & RAW Fiber. Yes, you can use these coupons online on our web site, just mention the coupon in the comments section on your web order or mention it at the time of your phone order with our customer service team.

Raw Truth Excerpts by Jordan Rubin

“So what is raw food? Raw food is just what you think it would be: any food that has been uncooked, untreated, or unadulterated. Raw food advocates believe that the greater the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits. No matter where you stand on raw food, everyone agrees that consuming more fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, fats, and proteins is an excellent way to reach or maintain your optimal health.

The idea of consuming raw foods isn’t exactly a new concept. Adam and Eve subsisted on raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Over the next several thousand years, people started cooking and preserving their food. Flash forward a few millennia, and our high-tech world has figured out how to take fresh fruits, farm-grown vegetables, and protein-rich meats and process these gifts from nature into manufactured, microwave-friendly, mass-produced, and often genetically modified ‘Franken foods’ that are anything but healthy for us.

Some of you might be seeking a health turnaround in your life. While some might simply want to learn more about the “raw lifestyle” and follow a diet of foods that are uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated, others may be interested in a simpler, more wholesome diet and way of life.

No matter what drew you to this book, understand that the health principles you’ll discover in The Raw Truth represent an important first step in your health journey. You need to take control of your own health, and this book will help you to transform your health from the inside out with the power of living nutrients.”

Raw Truth Book Back Cover

“Thinking of Going Raw? RAW is not just a fad . . . the RAW movement is here to stay. In his latest book, The RAW TRUTH, Jordan Rubin uncovers the truth about the “hottest new trend” in health that is really centuries old.

  • Why are the elite in Hollywood, New York, Washington DC and everywhere in between joining the “raw revolution”?
  • What are the health principles behind the raw lifestyle?
  • Is it really a program anyone can follow?
  • Who were the “raw pioneers” that paved the way for this cutting-edge approach to health?

The RAW Truth is for anyone looking to improve his or her health by relying on logical, simple health principles that have been historically demonstrated in the lives of thirteen “Legends of Health” — as well as the author Jordan Rubin, whose personal story of health transformation has touched millions of lives.

You’ll also meet some of the hottest trendsetters in the RAW World and gain access to their recipes, resources and knowledge in this fast-moving, page-turner that is sure to both motivate and educate you. Transform your health with the power of living nutrients.”

The Raw Truth Book
by Jordan Rubin
Retail Price $20.00
Our Price $14.95
The Raw Truth Book by Jordan Rubin

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Pioneers of our Modern Natural Health Movement

“As I researched my new book, The Raw Truth, I hit upon the idea of starting each chapter with a “Legend of Health.” The idea basically springs from the fact that most of the “new” health trends were actually espoused years ago by forward thinking individuals who served as the pioneers of our modern natural health movement. They championed this message in the face of great adversity and even ridicule from the conventional medical establishment.”

Dr. Élie Metchnikoff 1845-1916

“Born in 1845 in the Ukraine, Élie was the son of a military officer in the Imperial Guard and a scientific genius. He studied natural sciences at the nearby university of Kharkoff and showed that he was an academic prodigy by completing four years of university in just two years.

Armed with a doctorate in zoology, Metchnikoff earned a glowing reputation for his research skills in microbiology. When Louis Pasteur offered him a post at the Pasteur institute in 1888, Metchnikoff moved to Paris to work alongside the world-renowned French chemist and top scientists of his era.

Dr. Metchnikoff won the Nobel Prize in 1908, and for his groundbreaking work, Metchnikoff is known today as the ’Father of Probiotics,’ although the word probiotics didn’t even exist when he made his seminal discovery. He set out to study Bulgarians from the Caucasus Mountains to find out why they lived twice as long as their European counterparts. He surmised that it had to do with the raw, fermented dairy drink they consumed on an almost daily basis. He theorized that the good bacteria from the beverage somehow balanced out the bad bacteria in the gut. Almost 100 years ago, he outlined our modern understanding of probiotics.” Read more about Dr. Élie Metchnikoff and his impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

John Harvey Kellogg, M.D. 1931-2004

“Chances are you’ve heard of Kellogg’s cereal. The story begins with John Harvey Kellogg, who was born in 1852 to a farming family in rural Michigan.

He decided he wanted to go to medical school so that he could change the direction of medicine. Kellogg attended the prestigious Bellevue hospital Medical College in New York City, and in 1875, he earned his M.d. he promptly returned to Battle Creek to start his practice.

Dr. Kellogg became a highly skilled surgeon who operated on thousands of colons, (he said that only one percent were healthy) and became a prolific author on a variety of health topics. He always wanted to change the direction of health care. Kellogg wasn’t a shrinking violet afraid to share his opinions, and many of his ideas were ahead of his time.

He recommended eating whole grain foods, urged urban families to get enough sunlight, warned of the dangers of eating pork, and believed longevity was directly related to a healthy diet, exercise, vitamins and reducing stress.” Read more about John Harvey Kellogg and his impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

Ann Wigmore, N.D. 1909–1994

“Ann Wigmore was born prematurely on the Russian steppes of Lithuania in 1909. She was a sickly infant.

Ann became a holistic health practitioner, nutritionist and whole foods advocate, speaking and writing books with evangelical fervor about the heath benefits of cereal grass juices and eating raw ’living’ foods.

Ann was a tireless proponent of green foods for more than three decades, and at the time of her death in 1994, She was eighty-four years young—limber, energetic and intellectually sharp.” Read more about Ann Wigmore and her impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. 1931-2004

“.Dr. Batmanghelidj’s clarion call to drink more water was eventually heard by health-minded readers of his books, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water and You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!

I was one of those readers, and I can remember gulping down Your Body’s Many Cries for Water in the late 1990s, thirsty for information about the importance of keeping myself thoroughly hydrated. I nodded my head to dr. Batmanghelidj’s assertion that people around the world, especially in Western cultures, did not drink nearly the amount of water they need to keep themselves properly hydrated.

Replenishing the body with water throughout the day is vital because fluids in urine eliminate waste products, keep the digestive system from becoming clogged, dissipate excess heat, and cool the body.” Read more about F. Batmanghelidj and his impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

Weston A. Price, D.D.S. 1870-1948

“Dr. Price was a scientifically curious individual who wondered why he was so busy filling more and more cavities of patients sitting in his dental chair each and every year. The more he considered the reasons why, the more he believed it was due to poor nutrition.

Just as Henry Ford’s invention of the assembly line revolutionized the way cars were made, innovative food manufacturing companies in the early 20th century were discovering ways to streamline the production of canned and frozen foods as well as boxed cereals, assorted candies and sweet pastries. instead of housewives preparing food from scratch—peeling potatoes shucking peas, plucking chickens or grinding flour—they could purchase the same foods at their nearby general store or corner market already prepared for them.

’Modern’ foods like boxed cakes, ice cream bars, sugar-coated cereals and glazed doughnuts, Dr. Price sensed, were the main reason why frightened children had to be dragged kicking and screaming into his dental chair. . .

Dr. Price suspected that the ’diet of commerce,’ as he termed the newfangled processed foods flooding the marketplace, was the reason why his young patients—as well as their parents—were suffering from more and more tooth decay as well as chronic and degenerative diseases. But how could he prove it?” Read more about Dr. Weston A. Price and his impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., D.C. 1908 - 2001

“Born in the Central California farming community of Stockton In 1908, young Bernard followed his father into the field of chiropractic health and studied the science of chiropractic at a college in Oakland, California.

Much like me, at the age of twenty, Bernard faced health challenges. A seventh day Adventist physician took an interest in Bernard’s plight and taught him the principles of eating right and living a healthy, productive life. He experienced a remarkable turnaround, which fueled a lifelong interest in understanding the inherent wisdom in the body’s ability to heal itself.

Dr. Jensen believed that people needed to get away from their day-to-day routine and concentrate on getting better through eating the right foods and cleansing. . . ” Read more about Dr. Bernard Jensen and his impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

Mary Enig, Ph.D. 1931- Present

“Born in 1931, Mary Enig married and raised three children in Maryland before returning to school and earning a PhD. in nutritional sciences from the university of Maryland in 1984.

Her expertise was in the field of lipid biochemistry. She went on to head a number of studies on the content and effects of trans fatty acids and authored over sixty technical papers and presentations. She then became a popular lecturer and author, thanks to Nourishing Traditions and Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol, which she wrote in 2000.

Today, at the age of eighty, Dr. Enig is still going strong as vice president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and continues to work on the exploratory development of complementary therapies using medium-chain fatty acids from whole foods such as coconut and palm oils.” Read more about Dr. Mary Enig and her impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

Bernarr Macfadden 1868- 1955

Called the ’Father of Bodybuilding’ by Time magazine, Macfadden was an influential proponent of physical culture with a body that once posed as Michelangelo’s David and a litany of nutritional and health theories that still resonate today.

Biographer Clement Wood put Bernarr Macfadden on the same pedestal as American titans who changed the course of history at the turn of the 20th century. . . including John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Charles, Sumner Woolworth, Harvey S. Firestone, Amadeo Peter Giannini (founder of Bank of America), and Asa G. Candler (founder of Coca-Cola).” Read more about Bernarr Macfadden and his impact on the Raw movement in the Raw Truth book.

About the Author – Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin is regarded by many as one the most respected and beloved natural health experts in America. His personal health story has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told. A successful entrepreneur, founder of Garden of Life whole food supplements, New York Times best-selling author, international motivational speaker, and television personality, Jordan’s message of health and hope is a beacon to those looking for answers to help take control of their own health.

Jordan has written twenty books on health and wellness with over 5 million total copies in print, including The Maker’s Diet, which spent forty-seven weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list and remains popular today with more than 2.5 million copies in print.



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