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Grow Bone System
FAQs – July 2009

1. What is Osteoporosis?

A: Osteoporosis (porous bones), is a disease that causes bones to become fragile and brittle and very susceptible to fractures, which occur typically in the hip, spine, and wrist. The National Institute of Health consensus conference defined osteoporosis as a disease of increased skeletal fragility, accompanied by low bone density (a T-score for bone mineral density below -2.5) and micro- architecture deterioration.

2. Why is bone health important?

A: Bone Health means a lot more than simply preventing osteoporosis. Healthy bones manufacture
red blood cells, immune cells, secrete hormones and much more. Bone loss is associated with increased inflammation, which then accelerates more bone loss and becomes a vicious cycle. There is an Osteo-Immune relationship, as well as a link between bone loss and obesity. Because osteoporosis is often the first sign of degenerating bone health (often in the form of a fracture due to weak bone) we consider good bone health to be one of the most overlooked components of extraordinary health - everyone needs to think about their bone health.

3. What can I do to reduce my risk of Osteoporosis?††

A: It is never too late, or too early to improve bone health. Building strong bones when you are young is the best defense against getting osteoporosis later on in life. The best way to do this is to get adequate
amounts of calcium and vitamins D3 in your diet. We recommend getting as much calcium from foods as possible, and taking a whole food calcium supplement with the proper bone-building ingredients included.† Regular exercise is also crucial to bone health.

4. Why should I question if my calcium supplement is effective?

A: Calcium supplements taken in the absence of other vitamins and minerals and without proper diet and exercise, have not been proven in clinical studies to help strengthen bones. The best that can be said is that calcium supplementation helps slow down or stop bone loss.†† While slowing bone loss is good, increasing bone mineral density should be the goal. The majority of calcium supplements are made from ground-up rock and most of them are in tablet form and have solubility problems. The USA is the country that purchases the most calcium supplements, but it is also one of the countries with higher incidence of osteoporosis.

5. What is VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System?

A: Garden of Life is proud to introduce the VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System, a combination of Vitamin Code RAW Calcium and Growth Factor S, two comprehensive bone-building† formulas clinically studied to Stimulate Bone Growth, Reduce Osteoporosis Risk,†† Increase Bone Strength, and Increase Bone Mineral Density.† The Grow Bone System contains the first raw, vegan, organic whole food plant source of Calcium with naturally occurring bone-building Code-Factors, such as vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, boron, strontium, silica and vanadium. We feel so confident about the efficacy of this clinically studied formula that we invite you to take the Grow Bone Challenge for Stronger, Healthier Bones† with the VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System or We’ll Give Double Your Money Back!**

6. Why did Garden of Life formulate the Grow Bone System?

A: The U.S. Surgeon General issued a report on Bone Health in 2004, in which Dr. Carmona warned that by the year 2020, half of all American citizens older than 50 will be at risk for fractures from osteopo rosis andlow bone mass if no immediate action is taken. Garden of Life designed the Grow Bone System as a response to the U.S. Surgeon General’s "call to action" to the nutritional and healthcare industry for the development of bone-health programs that incorporate the three basic components of an effective program:

  • Improved Nutrition
  • Increased Physical Activity
  • Improved Health Literacy

7. What does the VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System include?

A: The Grow Bone System is a kit composed of a bottle of RAW Calcium 150ct, a bottle of Growth Factor S (strontium) 90ct, in addition to the Grow Bone Booklet describing the Bone Health Program.

8. What is the Grow Bone System Health Program?

A: We recommend that you use the Grow Bone System as part of a holistic bone health program as follows:

  • Eat a healthy diet including good sources of calcium, vitamins D and K, and other minerals.
  • Use the Grow Bone System consistently for 6 consecutive months according to suggested use.
  • Exercise regularly with your doctor’s approval.

9. What kind of Exercise is recommended in the Grow Bone System Health Program?

A: Regardless of age, exercise and physical activity are an important part of building and maintaining strong, healthy bones. A good all-around program that incorporates weight-bearing, strength and balance training exercises is most desirable. Weight-bearing and strength exercises are very useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass, while balance training may help with coordination and maintaining muscle mass which can help prevent falls and resulting bone fractures. Always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.

10. Who can benefit from taking the Grow Bone System?

A: Adults seeking to build better, stronger bones by increasing bone density;† anyone at high risk of
osteoporosis particularly women with family history of osteoporosis††; women over 40 in Pre, Peri, or Postmenopause; anyone advised by their doctor to take regular calcium; men and women taking prescription medications that are known to increase bone loss significantly, e.g. corticosteroid drugs such as prednisone, or anti-depressant drugs. Always check with your doctor, particularly if you are taking medications.

11. What is a DEXA scan?

A: DEXA stands for Dual Energy Bone Densitometry and is the current gold standard test for bone density through a full body scan. It uses very low doses of x-rays to measure bone density both in the spine and in the hips. The results of this test provides a T-score that is then compared with that of an average healthy young adult of the same sex.

12. What is the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for calcium?

A: According to the Institute of Medicine (2003), the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for desirable calcium retention and balance in people between the ages of 19 and 50 is 1000mg per day; for people aged 51 and above, the DRI increases to 1200mg per day for desirable calcium retention and balance as well as improving changes in bone mineral density.†

13. What is VIT∆MIN CODE RAW Calcium?

A: VIT∆MIN CODE RAW Calcium is the first raw, vegan calcium formula, composed of AlgaeCal RAW, a certified organic plant source of calcium derived from the marine algae Algas calcareas rich in 73 naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals. The RAW Calcium formula provides all the necessary co-factors such as 100mcg of Vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7, 1,600 IU of RAW Food-Created vitamin D3 and other bone-building† Code Factors, magnesium, boron, silica and vanadium. RAW Calcium is completely free of commonly-used limestone rock, chalk or animal bone sources of calcium and is suitable for even the most dedicated raw food vegan. RAW Calcium May Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis,†† Increase Bone Strength, Increase Bone Mineral Density and Slow Bone Loss.†

14. How much calcium does RAW Calcium in the Grow Bone System provide and what is the source?

A: RAW Calcium delivers 756mg (76% DV) of plant-based calcium from AlgaeCal RAW.

15. What is AlgaeCal RAW?

A: AlgaeCal RAW is the first raw, vegan, certified organic whole food plant source of Calcium. As opposed to single element calcium supplements, AlgaeCal RAW is powdered Marine Algae (Algas calcareas) containing an entire spectrum of plant nutrients, large quantities of Calcium and Magnesium and naturally rich in 73 trace mineral bone-building Code Factors such as Boron, Strontium, Vanadium, Silica as well as other naturally-occurring trace minerals. Your body was designed to accept plant minerals better than rock because plants pre-digest the minerals for us. AlgaeCal RAW washes up on the pristine shores of South America where it is harvested live, just like vegetables from a garden, then cold processed to retain nutritional value. The porous nature of AlgaeCal RAW dramatically increases surface area which lends itself to better dissolution.

16. Is AlgaeCal RAW USDA certified organic?

A: We are very proud to say that Algas calcareas, the plant source calcium mineral complex that is
AlgaeCal has been certified organic by the USDA, IBD (Organic Certification for Brazil and other Latin
American Countries) and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). However, the RAW Calcium formula as a whole is not certified organic.

17. Is the calcium in AlgaeCal RAW absorbable?

A: The body’s ability to absorb calcium depends on the body’s need for calcium, the last calcium containing meal consumed, the presence of co-factors, among many other factors. The body best
absorbs calcium when divided into multiple servings throughout the day because studies suggest that the body can only utilize a limited amount of calcium at once. AlgaeCal RAW besides being a plant sourced calcium, has a unique porous nature, like a sponge so it has a lot more surface area than an ordinary calcium carbonate. More surface area means more opportunity for stomach acid to come in contact with the calcium and dissolve it. Beyond solubility in the stomach, AlgaeCal RAW has been shown to be bioavailable in the rest of the digestive process. The calcium that actually goes into the bloodstream varies among individuals, depending on need for calcium, calcium source, amount taken, co-factors, etc. Another reason for low calcium absorption is the poor dissolution of some tablet forms.

 It has been found that some tablets are so closely bound with glues that they could take hours to dissolve. Capsules are a preferable delivery form to tablets for this reason. The contents of vegetable capsules is a loose powder which has greater dissolution potential than a tightly bound tablet. RAW Calcium delivers AlgaeCal RAW, a whole food source of calcium, in a vegan UltraZorbe capsule for rapid dissolution and better bioavailability.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, most supplement forms of calcium such as calcium
carbonate and calcium citrate are absorbed typically in a range of 25% to 35%. Foods however have
better absorption and values differ greatly from food to food, but are usually higher. The key point is that
plant based calcium is absorbed better than calcium from rock. AlgaeCal RAW is a whole food algae
naturally rich in calcium and other minerals which facilitate absorption.

18. Why is vitamin D3 important to bone health?

A: To help the body absorb calcium it is also important to get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D can be obtained through sunlight exposure and foods. Recent studies show the need for much more vitamin D than was previously recommended. Vitamin D functions as an important hormone by sending a message to the intestines to increase the absorption of calcium up to 80% depending on individual need. Vitamin D is well known for maintaining normal calcium levels, but new research shows it plays an important role in a host of other important functions such as strengthening the immune system.† Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is the natural form of vitamin D and is much more effective at raising serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D as opposed to the synthetic D2 or ergocalciferol form. RAW Calcium delivers 1,600 IU of RAW Food-Created vitamin D3.

19. What are the benefits of vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7 in a calcium formula?

A: Strong scientific evidence now suggests that vitamin K2 is an important piece of the bone health puzzle.† Vitamin K2 is derived from Natto, the richest natural source of vitamin K2. Natto is an ancient Japanese food made from fermented soybeans, and significant amounts of vitamin K2 are produced during the fermentation process. Vitamin K2 is classified into MK-4 and MK-7 primarily. More recently the attention of scientists is focused on the MK-7 version which is natural and stays in the blood stream longer than MK-4 creating bone health benefits. MK-7 stimulates protein synthesis in osteoblastic cells and enhances osteocalcin production, a calcium-binding protein in the cells, which stimulates the mineralization in bone tissues. MK-7 has been found to have a stimulatory effect on calcification and an inhibitory effect on bone resorption in bone tissue, thereby increasing bone mass.† RAW Calcium provides 100mcg of RAW Food-Created vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7.

20. Why is magnesium important to bone health?

A: As the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, magnesium is essential to good health. Approximately half of the total body magnesium is found in bones and the other half is distributed throughout cells of tissues and organs. This critical mineral is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong.† Magnesium deficiency may be a risk factor in cases of extensive bone loss because magnesium deficiency alters calcium metabolism and the hormones that regulate calcium. Several human studies have suggested that supplementing with magnesium can improve bone mineral density.† Magnesium and calcium work together to keep calcium in bones and out of soft tissues.† VIT∆MIN CODE RAW Calcium includes 380mg of Magnesium from AlgaeCal RAW.

21. Are there other minerals crucial to bone health?

A: The consumption of other trace minerals such as silica, boron, vanadium and strontium have all been linked to healthy bones.† All of these minerals and many others are naturally occurring in the Algas calcareas included in RAW Calcium.

22. What other ingredients does RAW Calcium include?

A: RAW Calcium also includes the RAW Organic Fruit and Vegetable Blend which is composed of 22 raw fruit and vegetable juices that are certified organic (the product as a whole is not certified organic). Additionally, it includes the RAW Probiotic and Enzyme Blend, with the probiotic S. boulardii and the enzymes protease, phytase, beta-Gluacnase, alpha-Galactosidase, hemicellulase and cellulase.

23. What is VIT∆MIN CODE Growth Factor S?

A: Vitamin Code Growth Factor S is an important part of the Vitamin Code Grow Bone System. When used along with Vitamin Code RAW Calcium, Growth Factor S grows bone by increasing mineral density.† The 680mg of elemental Strontium in Growth Factor S along with Vitamin Code RAW Calcium represents the protocol utilized in a recent human clinical study. The results of this study demonstrated the following benefits: Stimulates Bone Growth, Increases Bone Mass and Strength and Increases Bone Mineral Density.†

24. What is Strontium?

A: Strontium is a clinically studied trace mineral that has been shown to have an impact in bone health.† Strontium is in the same mineral family as calcium and magnesium. They are all naturally occurring minerals found in the soil, in foods, and in the body. Strontium is an alkaline earth mineral and is also the most abundant trace element in seawater. Like calcium, 99% of strontium in the body is found primarily in bone. Because of its chemical similarity to calcium, strontium can replace calcium to some extent in various biochemical processes in the body, including replacing a small proportion of the calcium in hydroxyapatite crystals of bones and teeth. Four landmark, double blind, placebo-controlled studies have been conducted, uncovering significant increases in bone mineral density with Strontium supplementation.

25. What is Strontium’s mechanism of action?

A: Scientists have discovered Strontium has a unique method of action which provides a dual activity in
your bones. Bone cells are continuously growing and being re-absorbed at the same time; Strontium inhibits bone resorption while simultaneously stimulating bone growth, an exciting double benefit.† No other natural substance or drug is known to provide this dual effect. Unlike the drugs Fosamax and Actonel, which work strictly by decreasing bone resorption (by killing the osteoclasts), strontium stimulates bone remineralization.†

26. Is there safety data on Strontium?

A: Studies show that supplementation with Strontium in its various forms is well tolerated and completely safe.

27. Are there any special guidelines to follow while taking strontium supplementation?

A: Although strontium seems to be a remarkably safe supplement, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • Strontium supplements need to be taken along with adequate calcium consumption. Studies suggest
    strontium is not effective and may even be counterproductive if calcium intake is not normal.
  • For best results, do NOT take strontium together with calcium because these two are chemically similar minerals that compete at the sites of absorption. As an example, strontium should be taken on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, half an hour to an hour before breakfast, or three hours after the last meal of the day; calcium should be taken separately, with a meal.
  • It should not be used as a treatment in children since it may alter the architecture of rapidly growing
    bones. No studies have been done using strontium on children.
  • Strontium is not a "magic bullet" and a comprehensive approach to regaining bone strength is needed.
    Other natural modalities of bone support include calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K2, and weight bearing exercise. This why we are only offering Growth Factor S as part of a kit.

28. What other ingredients does Growth Factor S include?

A: Growth Factor S includes the RAW Probiotic and Enzyme Blend, composed of the probiotics S. boulardii and L. plantarum plus the enzymes protease, phytase, beta-Gluacnase, alpha-Galactosidase,
hemicellulase, cellulase, amylase, lactase, Glucoamylase, lipase, Pectinase, peptidase, bromelain, papain, xylanase, diastase and invertase. Additionally, it includes the RAW Organic Fruit and Vegetable Blend which includes raw fruit and vegetable juices that are certified organic (the product as a whole is not certified organic).

29. What are RAW Food-Created Nutrients?

A: The RAW Food-Created Nutrients in Vitamin Code formulas are individually cultivated with their unique Code Factors intact, enabling targeted delivery and natural recognition of nutrients by the body. Imagine growing a plant in the garden, and adding extra vitamin A to the soil to yield a plant rich in vitamin A. The yeast or bacteria is cultivated in water and “fed” a vitamin to yield a food-based yeast or probiotic matrix that is rich in that particular vitamin. Raw Food-Created Nutrients are grown in both S. cerevisiae (baker’s yeast) and the probiotic Lactobacillus bulgaricus to provide a broader spectrum of Code Factors.

30. What is a Code Factor?

A: Code Factors are the known, and yet to be discovered, synergistic compounds found in food and
necessary for proper nutrient delivery. Providing these Code Factors infuses the essential elements of
whole foods that the body thrives upon.

31. What are RAW Food-Chelated Minerals?

A: Chelation is a naturally occurring process in the body for transporting minerals across the intestinal wall during digestion. Common inorganic forms of trace minerals may interact with lipids, proteins, fiber or other minerals, inhibiting absorption. When minerals are bound to chelating agents such as amino acids, they become more stable and are much less reactive in the digestive tract. RAW Food-Chelated Minerals are minerals that have been bound to raw rice amino acids making their structure more akin to food, designed to enhance mineral absorption and improve bioavailability.

32. What is the difference between RAW Food-Chelated Minerals and other mineral chelates?

A: The primary difference between RAW Food-Chelated Minerals and regular amino acid chelates is that the amino acids we use are derived from raw rice protein and not from a synthetic form. This means they have a full spectrum of naturally occurring amino acids that are found in proportions similar to what they would be in foods. All 20 amino acids are present and include both branch chain aminos as well as all the essential aminos, which can’t be produced by the body. Other amino acid chelated minerals most times only utilize a dipeptide or tripeptide (two or three amino acids). Scientific data also shows RAW Food-Chelated Minerals to have better bioavailability and shelf stability.

33. Is there any clinical data supporting the Grow Bone System?

A: Yes, the exact ingredients in the Grow Bone System were included in a soon to be published (in a peer reviewed journal) human clinical study from the University of Texas Medical School.

34. What were the results of the human clinical study?

A: In a six month randomized, open-label human clinical study, 176 women and men ages 18 to 85
consumed the ingredients in the Grow Bone System and followed a healthy eating plan and walking
program. In just six months, participants experienced a significant average increase in bone mineral density of 2.8% as evidence by before and after DEXA scans. Those participants who were deemed highly compliant experienced and increase in bone mineral density by 3.7%.

35. What health benefits does the Grow Bone System provide?

A: The Grow Bone System includes calcium and strontium at clinically validated amounts and has been shown in human clinical data to: Stimulate Bone Growth, Reduce Osteoporosis Risk,†† Increase Bone Strength and Increase Bone Mineral Density.†

36. Is the Grow Bone System Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and does it contain Soy?

A: The ingredients in Grow Bone System are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and do not contain soy

37. Does the Grow Bone System contain any binders or fillers?

A: There are no fillers or binders in the Grow Bone System.

38. Does the Grow Bone System contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives?

A: No, there are no artificial ingredients in the Grow Bone System.

39. What is the Grow Bone System capsule made of?

A: The capsule used is made of cellulose, the structural component of the primary cell wall of plants.
Although the content of the capsule is entirely raw, the capsule itself cannot be made raw. Raw foodist may open the capsule and pour the contents into water or raw juices. The capsules are labeled Vegan.

40. Does the Grow Bone System require refrigeration?

A: No, the Grow Bone System should be stored in a cool dry place both before and after opening.

41. What is the shelf life of the Grow Bone System?

A: The Grow Bone System has a shelf life of 3 years.

42. What is the suggested use for the Grow Bone System?

A: Adults take 5 capsules of RAW Calcium daily. For best results, take 3 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with lunch. Take 3 capsules of Growth Factor S in the evening on an empty stomach. Capsules may be opened and contents added to water or juice. Make sure to take RAW Calcium and Growth Factor S at separate times of the day as the two compete for absorption. Also eat a diet rich in Calcium and Vitamin D.

43. Does the Grow Bone System have any Cautions or Warnings?

A: Caution: This dietary supplement is for normal age related bone loss. Consult your healthcare
practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have or suspect you may have osteopenia or osteoporosis. Not intended for children. Pregnant and nursing women should not take Growth Factor S.

44. Can I take the Grow Bone System if I am pregnant?

A: The Grow Bone System is not suggested while pregnant because Growth Factor S is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. Children have rapidly growing bones and strontium usage has not yet been studied in children, particularly growing fetuses, therefore it is not recommended. The RAW Calcium formula alone may be approved by your healthcare practitioner.

45. Do ingredients in the Grow Bone System interact with medications?

A: It's important to discuss with a doctor possible interactions between calcium supplements and over-the counter and prescription medications. Any medication that needs to be taken on an empty stomach should not be taken with calcium supplements. The Grow Bone System recommended usage can be re-arranged to accommodate medications. Please discuss the appropriate intake schedule with your doctor. RAW Calcium also includes vitamin K2 which is usually not recommended while taking blood thinners.

46. Can the Grow Bone System be taken with other Garden of Life products?

A: Yes, the Grow Bone System can be taken in conjunction with other Garden of Life products. It is
important that you discuss ALL supplement use with your health care practitioner, particularly if you have any kind of medical condition.

47. How is VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System different from other calcium supplements?

A: The Grow Bone System includes the first ever RAW vegan calcium from AlgaeCal RAW with 73
minerals and trace minerals, including the necessary bone-building† Code Factors, vitamins D3 and K2, magnesium, boron, silica and vanadium. Additionally it provides Growth Factor S (strontium), a
complementary product, delivering the clinically validated amount of nutrients that have been shown in
human clinical data, along with a healthy diet and exercise program to grow bone.† We are so confident in the efficacy of this product, that we offer the Grow Bone Challenge - double your money back guarantee.**

VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System also contains RAW Food–Created Nutrients and follows all  Vitamin Code quality standards:

  • RAW – uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated
  • RAW – contains live enzymes and probiotics
  • RAW – 100% Active Ingredients– No Binders or Fillers
  • Contains Nutrient Specific Peptides for Targeted Delivery and Utilization
  • Contains Code Factors for Extreme Nutrient Synergy

48. What is the Suggested Retail Price of VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System?

A: Grow Bone System has a Suggested Retail Price of $54.95 providing a 30-day supply.

49. What does the Vitamin Angels logo on the Grow Bone System carton mean?

A: For every Grow Bone System sold, a donation will be made to Vitamin Angels and their Operation 20/20 program to eliminate Vitamin A deficiency in the world by the year 2020.

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** See booklet for details or visit
††Regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough Calcium and Vitamin D helps maintain good bone health and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.
† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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