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Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, & author of "The Cleanse Cookbook" founder of
Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and author of
 "The Cleanse Cookbook"

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CandaCleanse PRO
by Mt. Capra
60 capsules/30 day supply
Our Price $29.95

Supplemental Facts


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By Christine Dreher & Mt. Capra

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A Powerful Herbal Complex
 for Candida Yeast Detoxification
by Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.

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CandaCleanse PRO
A Professional Practitioner Product by Mt. Capra

Yeast Overgrowth Support

No Pesticides, No Preservatives, No Chemicals,
All Natural, Gluten Free

  • CandaCleanse PRO contains 11 naturally occuring enzymes, botanicals, herbs, medium chain fatty acids, and whole foods that help combat intestinal yeast overgrowth.

  • Contains caprylic acid, a potent anti-fungal medium chain
    triglyceride, that occurs naturally in goat milk cream.

  • Encourages the re-establishment of a balanced intestinal
    microflora via stimulation of the immune system.

  • Contains oleuropein from olive leaf extract, a compound
    used to stimulate the immune system and rebalance
    systemic yeast overgrowth.

CandaCleanse is a multi-system approach to wellness specifically designed for those suffering from overgrowth of common yeasts such as Candida Albicans. Yeast is a regular inhabitant of the digestive tract. Generally, in a healthy intestinal tract, the ratio of Candida is one cell to one million bacterial cells. Due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to, antibiotic use, lack of dietary fiber, and a compromised digestive/elimination system, over-growth of yeast and fungus can occur.

Candida lives naturally in the intestinal tract, until the intestinal ecology becomes toxic. The Candida then multiplies at an accelerated rate which causes chronic health consequences. Yeast is a fungus, a microscopic-size parasite-type organism. Candida lives and thrives in a dark, warm, moist environment - specifically in the mouth, digestive tract and vagina. It is a single-cell microorganism that develops feeding tubes called hyphae. These hyphae grow directly in the intestinal walls causing them to become porous and allowing toxins and undigested proteins and carbohydrates to flow through the bowel wall, only to be absorbed in the body and then the blood stream. This is clinically known as intestinal permeability, and commonly known as leaky gut syndrome. The fungal toxins created by candida enter the bloodstream through the bowel wall. The most common toxin is acetaldehyde, a major waste-product of the yeast fungal organism.

During the growth process of Candida Albicans, toxic materials are emitted throughout the body and produce a variety of symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Such symptoms include redness, itching,
and discomfort. Although initially mild,
these symptoms can become severe if left
untreated. In those with compromised immune function, mild forms of this fungus can lead to more severe forms affecting the body systemically and could develop into a far more serious condition called candidemia.

CandaCleanse features:

Caprylic Acid: Named after the medium chain triglycerides found in goat milk cream, this eight-carbon saturated fatty acid is known for its therapeutic use as a preventive, as well as, therapy for candidiasis and fungal infections. Studies show that caprylic acid has a toxic effect on microorganisms, particularly lipid-coated bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus1 and Streptococcus.2 Two studies reported the anti-fungal properties of caprylic acid to be effective in combating candidiasis. 3,4

Uva Ursi: A perennial evergreen shrub made up of tough, long trailing, and flexible stems. Uva Ursi contains the glycoside arbutin, which has antimicrobial properties.

Garlic: Known for centuries as “nature’s antibiotic”, garlic protects and enhances the immune system. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that those supplementing with garlic were significantly less likely to get a viral infection and if they were infected recovered much faster than those receiving a placebo. 5

Cellulase: An enzyme that converts fiber cellulose (one of the basic components of the plant cell wall) to glucose. Helps to break down the soluble parts of fiber contained in raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Cellulase is not made in the body and can only be obtained from our food or supplements. The membrane of Candida is composed of chitin, a long chain carbohydrate derived from glucose.

Protease: A protein digesting enzyme included to help neutralize any toxic undigested protein based substances.

Goldthread: Traditionally used to treat digestive disorders such as dyspepsia. This organism contains the bitter alkaloid berberine which has anti-fungal properties specifically against Candida Albicans, yeasts, parasites, and bacterial/viral infections. 6,7

Olive Leaf Extract: Exhibits a myriad of medicinal uses. The leaves have been shown to have significant anti-microbial action, and are an effective agent against resistant strains of fungi.8 A very recent study made international headlines when it discovered that olive leaf has Oxygen Radical Absorbance capacity double that of green tea and 400% higher than vitamin C.9

Pau D’Arco: The dried bark of the Tabebuia tree (Trumpet tree). The bark contains naturally occurring flavonoids such as quercetin. It has been used for centuries to improve wellness.

Barberry Root: The root and stem of this plant also contain the active component berberine which has anti-fungal properties specifically against Candida Albicans, yeasts, parasites, and bacterial/viral infections.6,7 The root also has antioxidant properties helpful in cases of inflammation.10

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is high in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and pectin. It also contains bioflavonoids such as naringin and anti-aging compound spermidine.

Hyssop Leaf: Hyssop is common in Europe and the Middle East and specifically the region surrounding the Caspian Sea. It is commonly used as an aromatic herb and medicinal plant due to its effectiveness as an antiseptic, cough reliever, and expectorant.11

Tips and Tricks:

  • During and after cleansing session using CandaCleanse, dietary changes are imperative to maintain a healthy intestinal balance. Eliminate all fruit and fruit juices, sugar, honey, fructose, soy sauce, mushrooms, yeast-based breads/baked goods, and peanuts.

  • Limit consumption of carbohydrate foods such as rice, pasta, and breads to 3-4 servings per day. Hint: one serving equals 1 slice of bread, or 1/2 cup cooked rice or pasta.

  • Drink plenty of pure water. Aim to drink as much as 1/2 ounce per pound body weight. (example: a 150 pound person needs to drink around 75 oz. of water per day.)

  • Re-populate the friendly micro-organism of the digestive tract with complexes of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus such as is found in Caprobiotics Plus+ and Caprobiotics Advanced.

  • Maintain healthy instestinal ecology by performing periodic colon fiber cleanses along with daily fiber supplementation from CapraCleanse-Pro.

  • Enhance digestion by supplementing with digestive enzymes, like CapraZyme for better absorption and elimination.

Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have a medical condition or are under the age of 18, consult your physician before using this product.

1. Nair MK, Joy J, Vasudevan P, Hinckley L, Hoagland TA, Venkitanarayanan KS (Oct 2005). “Antibacterial effect of caprylic acid and monocaprylin on major bacterial mastitis pathogens”. J Dairy Sci 88 (10): 3488–95. doi:10.3168/jds.S0022-0302(05)73033-2. PMID 16162522.
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11. Van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Wink, Michael (2004). Medicinal Plants of the World (1 ed.). Timber Press, Incorporated. ISBN 978-0-88192-602-6, p 177.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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