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Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, & author of "The Cleanse Cookbook" founder of
Christine Dreher, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and author of
 "The Cleanse Cookbook"

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Probiotic Nutrient Process
by New Chapter

New Chapter’s “cultured” food supplements are in fact both “food” and “supplements.” We do not believe that people (or plants, for that matter) were designed to eat mega-dosages of synthetic chemicals, so we simply don’t offer synthetic chemical vitamins and supplements. We deliver something that is at once extraordinarily complex and also simple: Cultured Food. New Chapter’s supplements provide you with all the vitamin and mineral supplementation you require coming from the finest sources of herbs, nutrient-dense superfoods and our unique food-cultured supplements. Yes, we deliver nourishment in the form of food, and what a rich, powerful nutrient infusion it is!

For decades, people all over the world have been passionate about our unique cultured supplements. Our New Chapter family is growing dramatically, as people are rejecting the theory that vitamins and minerals should be synthetic and in huge, unnatural doses. People are tired of taking chemical isolates. Instead, people want to know that they have a totally natural form of vitamins, coming from extraordinary food, in levels that are intelligently aligned with our bodies’ real needs. In other words, people are embracing the oldest principle on earth—gain nourishment from the finest and most nutritionally satisfying wholesome foods. That is not just a theory, it is the way of nature itself, and we at New Chapter are committed to Delivering the Wisdom of Nature.

Before you buy your next bottle of vitamins and supplements, we ask you to take the “New Chapter challenge.” Ask yourself “do I want to eat a highly compressed tablet of synthetic chemicals, or do I want to eat a unique blend of superfoods, herbs, and cultured nutrients?” We think we know how you will answer that question. Welcome to the New Chapter family!

Each of our cultured supplements is different, but they share three basic “Truths:”

  • Truth #1. Cultured Food is Our Best Friend.

  • Truth #2. Maximize Nutrition with Superfoods

  • Truth #3. Herbs and Phytonutrients Are Fundamental

Truth #1: Cultured Food is Our Best Friend

“Cultured Food” means food that is created out of the interaction between beneficial flora and a rich food source—like yogurt, bread, miso, or wine. You start with grains; add the correct “yeast,” and the magic of culturing transforms the inedible grains into the staff of life. You take milk, which so many people cannot tolerate, add the correct bacilli, and presto, you have a living, vital food called yogurt. You take soy beans, add the correct lactobacilli, and you end up with some of the most powerhouse foods on earth—namely, natto and miso.

Why does New Chapter go to the considerable effort and expense of culturing food? Well, one simple reason is that people have lived on cultured foods for tens of thousands of years. But there are other reasons, which we call the “ABC’S of Culturing.”

A’ is for Activity

Foods are made more biologically “active” or powerful by culturing. Just a few examples tell the whole story. Our vitamin C is 250 mgs. of pure, food-cultured vitamin C. When people buy a vitamin C supplement, most do not realize that they are buying synthetic ascorbic acid that is many times more refined than white sugar. Not with New Chapter. Our vitamin C is cultured food, and science has confirmed that our C is up to 11 times more active than synthetic C from ascorbic acid. What is more, taking too much synthetic C may present health challenges, so it is especially valuable to take New Chapter’s modest dosage of food-cultured C, which delivers all the Vitamin C you need in an intelligent dosage.

Similarly, CoQ-10 is a wonderful supplement that supports the body’s use of oxygen within the cell. It is especially supportive of proper functioning in the heart and immune system. New Chapter’s food-cultured CoQ-10 has 9 times the antioxidant activity than synthetic CoQ-10, which means that 22 mgs. of New Chapter’s CoQ-10 equals 200 mgs. of the synthetic form.

There are countless expressions of this increased activity. In the soybean, a compound called “genestin” is converted to the more valuable compound “genestein” by culturing. We can’t even digest genestin without the support of the culturing process. The glucosinolates in broccoli are activated by culturing and become the extraordinarily important “isothiocyanates.” The beneficial flora does our work for us, and by activating the foods they intensify and release the precious nutrients. It is like releasing an eagle from a cage—there is potential power in the cage, but there is majesty in flight.

‘B’ is for Bioavailability

Think of digestion when you hear “bioavailability.” You can eat all the nutrients you want, but they don’t do you any good unless you can digest and absorb them. The culturing process, using the correct flora to break down any difficult to digest components, does our work for us and makes it very easy to digest the food and have its nutrients bioavailable. Soybeans become more bioavailable or digestible when cultured to become natto or miso. Yogurt is far easier to digest than milk. Bread is almost infinitely easier to digest than raw grains or flours. We just use Nature’s work force to do the heavy lifting, while we sit comfortably and enjoy the nutrients in just the right form for our physiologies.

‘C’ is for Coherence

The opposite of coherence is disorder. Think of rancid, spoiled food—that is disorder. Cultured foods are suffused with orderliness, and they resist the chaos of rotting. Milk goes bad quickly, but yogurt lasts for weeks. Grape juice can spoil, but a bottle of Port can last for decades. A head of cabbage can wrinkle, spot and spoil rather quickly, but cultured cabbage, namely, sauerkraut, can last for a long time. The intelligence of the culturing process is legendary, and cultured foods are simply more coherent and stable.

‘S’ is for Safety

When a food is cultured using our friendly “probiotics” and the proper nutritional yeasts, the cultured food is extremely safe. The beneficial flora actually creates by-products that make it difficult for “bad” bacteria or flora to grow. Those healthy by-products include “bacteriocins” that kill bacteria like e-coli, and the beneficial yeasts make by-products that inhibit the growth of certain very unwelcome yeasts. These beneficial flora are our friends, people have used them to create healthy food for millennia, and they are still around to make our food safer to eat.

New Chapter’s Vitamins and Minerals are Cultured

With the ABC’S of culturing in mind, New Chapter grows its vitamins and minerals to maximize the benefits of culturing. We start with pure water and add to it soymilk from non-GMO soybeans. To that we add, depending on the vitamin or mineral we are growing, appropriate fruits and vegetables and a very small amount of the USP vitamin or mineral. That creates a “soup” or super broth, which is inoculated with just the right nutritional yeast to culture the process. That nutritional yeast is called “saccharomyces cerevisiae,” or Brewer’s Yeast. The yeast literally eats the “soup,” culturing everything in the broth. As we described in the ABC’S, when the beneficial flora culture a food they make it more active and bioavailable. The nutrient-dense broth is cultured, converted, and bio-transformed into something new and wonderful: an easily digested, highly active, and natural food rich with the target nutrient. Yes, it is food, and we experience and metabolize it as such. But it is special, as different from the raw ingredients as the finest loaf of bread is from a raw grain of rye or wheat.

Truth #2: Maximize Nutrition with Superfoods

We don’t want to eat too much, but we want the foods we eat to count. No empty calories, no fillers. So, in each of our multivitamins and food supplements we include superfoods that are small powerhouses of energy, protein, antioxidants, and trace minerals. For example, all of our food supplements are cultured with Brewer’s Yeast in non-GMO soymilk. Ounce for ounce, the yeast is a fabulous source of protein and nutrients, and the culturing process generates copious amounts of naturally-occurring ingredients like superoxide dismutase, GTF chromium, detoxifying compounds like glutathione, phospholipids, digestive enzymes, and beta 1, 3 glucans. People pay $50 a month for a supplemental form of the beta glucans, while a richer supply is naturally available from the culturing process in every serving of our food-cultured nutrients. People look to separately purchase synthetic superoxide dismutase (SOD) because it is such a valuable antioxidant, but it is naturally created and plentifully available in all of our food supplements. Taking a New Chapter food supplement is really the least expensive way to obtain supplement support, for all the wonderful natural phytonutrients are naturally occurring with the food-cultured nutrients.

In addition to the nutritional yeast and its by-products, we include superfoods like chlorella, wheat grass, and Laminaria digitata. These foods are selected by us from the finest possible sources, are the highest grade and offer the widest range of dense nutrient support. They are food, truly food, but food that delivers powerful nutritive support in a small package. Think of it like this: you can breathe thin air and your lungs struggle for oxygen, or you can breathe sweet rich air along a pure ocean beach. These superfoods are the sweet rich ocean air of the food chain, and just a little of these foods restore and revitalize. And they come in all of New Chapter’s multivitamins.

Truth #3: Herbs and Phytonutrients are Fundamental

There are hundreds of phytonutrients or plant-based nutrients that come with every New Chapter food supplement. We believe in the power of herbs, and the constituents of these herbs support our physiologies and make the vitamins and minerals more valuable. Our master herbalist selects the finest herbal extracts, and we make this unconditional promise to you: our extracts are not made with the use of any chemical solvents.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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BOOK: The Life Bridge: The Way to Longevity with Probiotic Nutrients


Note: The content provided in this article is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. You are encouraged to consult with your medical health care provider regarding any health concern or health-related condition you may have.

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