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October 2009


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Transform Your Health Newsletter, formerly “The Cleanse Connection” newsletter is published and distributed by Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. It is a free publication available to all health and cleanse enthusiasts. The editor, Christine Dreher CCN, CCH, is a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Author, Nutrition and Cleanse Coach, Founder and President of Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc.

“This newsletter is my gift to you, to encourage you, inspire you and support you in taking your next steps towards vibrant health, transformation and well-being on all levels. To your health!” Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH.

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October 2009 Transform Your Health Newsletter Contents:


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Protect Yourself from Cold & Flu Viruses Naturally with Elderberry Extract – New Clinical Studies Just Released!
By Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

The most asked question I hear as Clinical Nutritionist & Herbalist right now is “How can I protect myself and my family from cold and flu viruses, including the Human Influenza A (H1N1) virus?” My answer is Elderberry (Sambucus nigra). Elderberry has long been praised for its strong antiviral activities and has been used for centuries for cold and flu symptoms.

How effective is Elderberry against the H1N1 flu virus? A national press release dated September 10, 2009, entitled “A Recent Research Study Indicated that Herbal Science’s Proprietary Elderberry Extract Prevents H1N1 Influenza Infection”

Click here for the article.

Grow Bones Guaranteed
 – Take the Grow Bone Challenge

Healthy Living Article - Edited by Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Garden of Life offers the VIT∆MIN CODE Grow Bone System, which contains the first raw, vegan, organic whole food plant source of Calcium with naturally occurring bone-building Code-Factors. The Grow Bone System contains both Vitamin Code RAW Calcium and Growth Factor S, which are two comprehensive bone-building formulas clinically studied to Stimulate Bone Growth, Reduce Osteoporosis Risk, Increase Bone Strength, and Increase Bone Mineral Density.

Garden of Life invites you to take their “Grow Bone Challenge” for six months and see for your self. If there is no increase in your bone density, then Garden of Life will double your money back! (Certain requirements and restrictions apply).

Click here for the article.

Bioactive Ingredients – Where Nature and Science Meet
By Myra Michelle Eby MyChelle Dermaceuticals

The simple definition of a bioactive ingredient is a substance that has a therapeutic effect on living tissue. Advanced scientific techniques guide us in not only choosing the right ingredient for a specific application; they help maximize the therapeutic activity of the ingredient. It is so important to apply ingredients that have been scientifically proven effective at a proper dosage and concentration. Even more important, the non-toxic ingredients you apply must be bioactive and safe.

Click here for the article.

Enzyme Nutrition 101
By Garden of Life Health Writers

It’s no secret that over the past century, our diets have changed. Enzyme-rich raw and fermented foods, once staples in the diet, have been largely replaced by packaged and processed foods of convenience. Cooking, heating and processing the food we eat destroys the enzymes contained within. The burden then falls on our body to provide all of the enzymes necessary to maximize the nutrition of the food you eat.

Digestive enzymes break down food so that our bodies can use the nutrients contained within that food. When food is swallowed, it moves to the stomach and then to the small intestine, followed by the large intestine. At each step along the way, specific enzymes break down different types of food.

Click here for the article.

Wild Alaskan Salmon: Best Source of Pure, Whole-Food Fish Oil
By Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

We know that Wild Alaskan Salmon is one of the healthiest fish we can eat for our health and that it provides one of the best sources of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). So what would be the best source for a pure and naturally processed fish oil supplement? Wild Alaskan salmon fish oil, of course!

Wholemega by New Chapter contains only wild, sustainably caught Alaskan salmon, so chemical processing to deliver a pure wild salmon oil product is simply not necessary. New Chapter believes that Nature got it right the first time: the world’s best fish oil doesn’t come from scientists or a laboratory -- it comes from the world’s best fish! Wholemega provides nourishment, protection and health that comes from whole fish oil – not from the fractionated, isolated, “purified” fish oils on the market today. New Chapter guarantees that Wholemega provides an optimal purity “Food Grade” wild salmon oil supplement.

Click here for the article.

What's New?

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin
by Garden of Life

Garden of Life’s Raw Prenatal Multivitamin is a raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and free of soy allergens that is specifically designed to meet the needs of both mothers and babies during pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation.

For more information on Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal, click here.

Vitamin Code Raw One for Men Multivitamin
by Garden of Life

Vitamin Code Raw One for Men is a convenient, one-a-day formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of men on-the-go. Vitamin Code Raw One for Men provides targeted delivery of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to experience extraordinary health.

For more product information on the Vitamin Code Raw One for Men, click here.

Vitamin Code Raw One for Women Multivitamin
by Garden of Life

Vitamin Code Raw One for Women is a convenient, one-a-day formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women on-the-go. Vitamin Code Raw One for Women provides targeted delivery of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to experience extraordinary health.

For more product information on the Vitamin Code Raw One for Women, click here.

Vitamin Code Raw Kombucha
by Garden of Life

Kombucha has long been touted in the Far East for its many health benefits, which includes a raw source of B vitamins for energy, live probiotics and enzymes for digestive health and immune support and black tea – rich in polyphenols and PABA for antioxidant protection and energy.

For more product information on the Vitamin Code Raw Kombucha, click here.

Ocean’s 3 Mom Prenatal DHA
by Garden of Life

Oceans MOM Prenatal DHA supplies 350mg of DHA in one small, pleasant-tasting strawberry-flavored softgel, providing a broad range of benefits for both you and your baby. Pregnant and nursing mothers can give their babies an early developmental advantage by increasing their consumption of DHA.

For more product information on Oceans MOM Prenatal DHA,
click here.

Perfect Food Raw Green Super Food
by Garden of Life

Perfect Food RAW by Garden of Life is available in capsules or powder and is packed with 35 nutrient-dense, RAW, organically grown greens, sprouts and vegetable juices for the RAW ENERGY you need every day. Perfect Food RAW is the convenient and sensible way to get your veggie juice every day.

For more product information on Perfect Food RAW, click here.

Clear Skin Anthology Kit for Teens
by MyChelle Natural Skin Care
also Clarifying Pads, Cleanser, Balancing Cream & Spot Treatment

This four product set of the new Clear Skin Teen Anthology kit products is perfect as a trial or gift set. These products help fight the three key factors to problem skin including: excessive oil production, clogged pores due to lack of exfoliation and proprionum bacteria. It contains: the Clear Skin Cleanser by MyChelle, the Clear Skin Clarifying Pads by MyChelle, the Clear Skin Balancing Cream by MyChelle, the Clear Skin Spot Treatment by MyChelle and a cute, denim cosmetic case.

For more product information on the Clear Skin Teen Anthology, click here.

MyChelle’s Natural Skin Care All in One Gift & Travel Kits 

MyChelle’s Natural Skin Care All in One Gift & Travel Kits allow you to experience natural, skin care products specific for your skin type. Treat yourself to a complete facial treatment in the privacy of your home, at your convenience. They make great gift ideas and are ideal for travel because they are convenient, travel size containers that meet the liquid size requirements for airline travel and include a quart size zip lock bag to make your items ready for travel.

Three new All in One Skin Care Kits have recently been added by MyChelle:

Click here for more information on the MyChelle All in One Gift & Travel Kits.

Special Promotions & Gifts:

Grow Bone Giveaway
on Oct. 10, 2009!

Garden of Life has given us 25 of the Vitamin Code Grow Bone kits to give away to customers on Oct. 10th. Any web order received by us on Oct. 10th, starting at 10:00 am (EDT) until 10:00 pm (PDT) will be eligible for a random drawing to receive a free Vitamin Code Grow Bone kit with a retail value of $54.95. Winners drawn in the random drawing will receive one free, Grow Bone kit included with their Oct. 10th order. One prize per customer or household. 25 total prizes to be given away. Winners will be announced in next month’s newsletter.

Special Promotions & Gifts:

Receive a $50 Rebate
on Vitamin Code Grow Bone:

Buy a 6-month supply (6 kits) of the Vitamin Grow Bone System kits to join in on “Garden of Life’s Grow Bone Challenge” and receive a $50 rebate from Garden of Life.

Click here for Grow Bone rebate details.

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