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October 2007

Formerly "The Cleanse Connection Newsletter"
Editor Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH, Author

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Transform Your Health Newsletter, formerly “The Cleanse Connection” newsletter is published and distributed by Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. It is a complementary, bi-monthly publication available to all health and cleanse enthusiasts. The editor, Christine Dreher CCN, CCH, is a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Author, Nutrition and Cleanse Coach, Founder and President of Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc.

“This newsletter is my gift to you, to encourage you, inspire you and support you in taking your next steps towards vibrant health, transformation and well-being on all levels. To your health!” Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH.

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San Diego Wild Fires – We were evacuated from our homes and office here in the Rancho Bernardo and surrounding areas in San Diego at the beginning of this week. Most of us have been allowed to return to our homes and our office is now open again. All our staff is fine, our homes are fine and our office is fine.

We are very grateful that we are okay and that we have homes and an office to return to. We continue to send prayers and support to all those that are still battling the fires and to those that have lost their homes. We thank you all for your prayers and concern as well.

Christine & Staff

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What’s New?

Blockade – Virus Blocker by New Chapter New!

Blockade, with the exclusive extract ViraBloc™, is the first all-herbal, natural therapeutic that acts to block viruses from entering human cells, therefore preventing them from replicating. Blockade works to target & block viruses before they multiply. Protect your self and your family this cold & flu season with Blockade.

Listen to an Educational Audio interview with Dr. Randall Alberte and New Chapter product formulator, Paul Schulick. Click here for more Blockade information.

Breast Cancer Prevention –
10+ Natural Ways to Reduce Your Risk
Natural Health Magazine Article

Did you know that only 10% of breast cancers are due to inheritance of a defective gene, while a full 90% are due to breast cell genes being damaged later in life? The prevailing question is what is the cause of damaged genes? These breast cancers are owed to damaging mutations resulting from excessive or prolonged estrogen exposure, environmental exposure, dietary, lifestyle, or unknown causes. The following articles provide health tips that are extremely helpful for breast cancer prevention. By making a few healthy choices in our diets and daily routine, we have the ability to create and maintain breast health.

Click here for article and more resources.

The Organic, Probiotic Alternative –
Whole-Food, Multivitamins for Men & Women

Healthy Living Article by Ken Babal, C.N.

What makes the natural complexity of biofermented, organic, whole- food vitamin supplements so much better than the mega potency, isolated vitamins found in conventional, pharmaceutical-type supplements? They key is in the absorption and assimilation by our bodies.

Click here to find out more.

Fermentation and Its Health Benefits
By Robert L Lawrence M.Ed., D.C., D.A.C.B.N.

The cultural heritage of virtually all civilizations includes fermented foods. These foods have played an important role in our diet for centuries. There are numerous nutritional benefits from eating fermented foods.

Click here for rest of article.

Unbounded Energy, Beyond Natural
By David Steinman -
the Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living Article

We make contact with unbounded energy every day, through our food, our breath, and our relationships. It flows down to Earth in endless sunlight, captured in organic fruits, roots, and flowers; medicinal mushrooms drink it from the moonlight in a forest. It is there all around us in Nature, and now it is here, in New Chapter's Unbounded Energy. This formula is delivered with twenty-two of the most essential, bioavailable, and active vitamin and mineral nutrients. New Chapter is particularly proud to introduce organic flower essences into the formulation. This combination delivers the energetic imprint or life force of five flowers, including self-heal to awaken the inner healer and morning glory to revitalize healthy life rhythms. Unbounded Energy helps awaken one’s inner healer and catalyze [your] life force. Moon Energy from reishi and cordyceps mushrooms is married to the Sun Energy from antioxidant-rich botanicals like schizandra, rhodiola, cherry and blueberry to provide balanced and sustained energy—for all phases of life.

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Reach Your Fiber Goals the Whole Food Way
Article by Garden of Life

A typical American diet lacks the necessary amount of fiber. Lack of fiber is a growing health risk and has been implemented in the development of a wide variety of health issues. A diet low in fat and high in fiber-containing grain products, fruits, and vegetables can contribute to GI tract regulation, preventing coronary heart disease and is even associated with a reduced risk of some types of cancer.

Click here for the article.

The Ugly Truth of BOTOX
by Myra Michelle Eby - Founder, MyChelle Dermaceuticals LLC

Botox is a toxin that can be dangerous. What’s worse is that its production is associated with animal abuse. What are the healthy alternatives? Find out in the following informative article.

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