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June 2006

Formerly "The Cleanse Connection Newsletter"
Editor Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH, Author

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Sensible Sun Exposure
Healthy Living Article on Healthy Skin Protection

What’s in our Sun Screen formulas? How can we find a natural product, free of chemicals & toxins that protects us from harmful skin damage? (Click here for rest of article)

Capra Cleanse - A Complete Cleansing Formula
We are often asked by customers for a good internal cleansing formula, that it easy to do and does not require going on a complete cleanse regimen and strict diet. I recommend the Capra Cleansing Formula. It is strong enough to cleanse the body, but gentle enough to use every day. It also does not contain harsh laxatives. (Click here for rest of article)

The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms Many of our customers have expressed an interest in learning more about Medicinal Mushrooms and how they support immune health. This will be the first of many articles on medicinal mushrooms. This month’s article focuses on the RM-10 formula by Garden of Life.  Its key ingredients are 10 types of Chinese Medicinal Mushrooms that have been effectively used for centuries. What makes this medicinal mushroom medley unique and so effective? (Click here for rest of article)

New Chapter - Whole Food Nutritionals

I am excited to announce that we are now carrying the New Chapter Whole Food Nutritional products. New Chapter has been the pioneer in whole-food nutritional products for 24 years. New Chapter’s mission and their passionate commitment, has been to produce the finest probiotic nutrients and herbal formulations in the world. Their purpose is to create the best products that are truly natural, made of 100% real food and herbs. They have never made products with chemical isolates or solvents. They culture all their vitamins and minerals - they are not synthetic - they are food. They are committed to supporting and protecting the environment, and their Costa Rican farm is a world model for organic sustainable farming in the rain forest.  (Click here for rest of article).

Healing our Planet
If we are experiencing problematic symptoms of illness in our body, we are wise to address the issue and take action while it is a small and manageable problem. The same is true today with our planet Earth body. We are now experiencing problematic symptoms of illness and imbalance on our planet Earth. When our planet is ill, all of our lives & health are impacted. If we do not address this problem soon, then the problem will become much bigger and treatment more difficult, if possible at all. The following article is about an "eye-opening" movie called "An Inconvenient Truth," regarding the current effects of Global Warming. I recommend everyone see it, not for its political content, but for its educational, moral & health content. You can also visit to learn more. (Click here for rest of article)

Book Review - Restoring Your Digestive Health

I feel this is a ‘must read book’ for anyone with health challenges. The health of the G.I. tract can directly affect the health of the entire body and its systems, especially the immune system. (Click here for rest of article)

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