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January 2007

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Transform Your Health Newsletter, formerly “The Cleanse Connection” newsletter is published by Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. The editor is Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH. Nutritionist, Herbalist, Author and Founder of Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. It is a complementary publication available to all health & cleanse enthusiasts. “This newsletter is my gift to you, to encourage you, inspire you and support you in taking your next steps towards vibrant health, transformation and well-being on all levels. To your health and well-being!” Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

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Support with Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Healthy & Happy New Year Wishes! I hope this newsletter finds you successfully on your way to achieving your 2007 New Years resolutions and intentions. If not, you may want to review my article entitled: Successful New Year’s Resolutions – from the December, 2006 TransformYourHealth Newsletter - Click Here.

Whether your New Year’s resolutions and intentions are for a healthier lifestyle, healthier diet, weight loss, internal cleansing or stress-free living, we at Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. & offer a compilation of the best health & nutrition, articles, information, books, programs and products to support you in reaching your goals. Please feel free to visit our website at:, or visit our Bookstore, or call our Customer Service Office Staff at 858-673-0224 for suggestions, product information and catalogues.

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To your health & well-being!

Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH
President & Founder, Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. &
Author of “The Cleanse Cookbook”
Editor of the “TransformYourHealth” E-Newsletter

New Year, New Plan, New You!

New Chapter Brings Your Healthy Weight-Loss Goals Within Reach

Healthy Living Article by Jeanne Ringe

Ah, the New Year! A new beginning full of hope and promise, and sincere commitments to yourself: to stop eating too much, to start exercising, to live healthier. Resolving to change is a good first step. But how many attempts at a life change have been thwarted by the slightest impediment, instantly reaffirming behavior patterns, habits as comfortable and familiar as a favorite robe and slippers?

Undoing a lifetime of unhealthy habits requires more than a quick fix. The most profound health changes require firm resolve, and gentle, steady progress towards a goal. And, of course, one does not make lasting health changes, especially with regard to weight loss, without support—on both the mental and physical levels.

The problem is that many weight-loss support products on the market today do not have your overall health in mind. It’s important to know what to avoid in both prescription medications and herbal formulas. Thankfully, though, there are natural supplements out there that do have your overall health in mind and can assist your body in shedding those pounds. Click here for rest of article.

Garden of Life’s A-B-Cs of Foundational Nutrition
Healthy Living Article by Lorin Shields-Michel

Was one of your resolutions this year to get healthier? Reaching that goal can be made easier when you follow something we all learned before we even started school: your A-B-Cs. It’s a lesson we should all heed, and it starts with good nutrition.

The following nutritional article provides valuable information on essential nutrients, whole-food nutritional supplementation, the power of the Poten-Zyme probiotic fermentation process, and foods and supplements to help maintain a healthy weight. Click Here for Rest of Article.

Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil - The ‘Good’ Saturated Fat

Organic virgin coconut oil is a miracle oil that is not only wonderful for taste but also for fat loss, fighting infections, supporting healthy thyroid function, and stimulating the body’s production of important anti-aging hormones.

Click Here for Rest of Article.

Beauty is more than skin deep. It’s a way of life -- An Effective, yet Gentle Cleanse formula to keep us beautifully healthy from the inside out.
By Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A.Hom., PhD

Gloria’s article on the connection between outer beauty and inner health (natural cleansing) is very informative. The CapraCleanse formula by Mt. Capra is one of my favorites for gentle, effective and yet easy cleansing. Click here for PDF article.

Can Primal Defense’s HSOs Aid Autistic Children?
Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living Article Reprint

The following article discusses the important connection between the gastro-intestinal tract and Autism. It also discusses the benefit of probiotics and a specialized diet in supporting gastro-intestinal health. The doctor’s studies and research in this article provide convincing evidence that dysbiosis (bad bacteria invasion in the colon) can cause or contribute to Autism by creating toxins and altering chemicals in brain function. Click Here for Article.

Supercritical Diet and Energy
An interview with Master Herbalist, Paul Schulick
By Lori Foster, Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living article

The following article is an interview with Master Herbalist Paul Schulick, the formulator of the New Chapter whole-food nutritional products. This article discusses Supercritical Diet & Energy for weight loss, stress, metabolism, blood sugar balance and much more. Click Here for the Article.

12 Dangerous Food Additives:
The Dirty Dozen Food Additives You Really Need to be Aware Of
Article by

In the United States, more than 3,000 substances can be added to foods for the purpose of preservation, coloring, texture, increasing flavor and more. While each of these substances is legal to use (at least here in the States), whether or not they are all something you want to be consuming is another story all together.

With any processed food you run the risk of coming across additives, and reading through ingredient labels can be like trying to decode a puzzle. The following article describes the top 12 dangerous food additives and their detrimental effects to your health. Included is also a free e-book link to the 300+ page book entitled “Neurotoxicity: Identifying and Controlling Poisons of the Nervous System.

Click Here for Rest of Article.

How to Get Sick: Never Let Them See You Sweat!
By Jordan Rubin, founder & formulator of Garden of Life products & author of “The Maker’s Diet” book

Any attempt to artificially prevent perspiration is very unhealthy because perspiration is the Maker's method of safely cooling the body while excreting numerous toxins. Suppressing this natural sweat response in your underarms or other areas blocks the body's cleansing process and the natural flow of the lymphatic system. Interference in normal lymphatic function may increase the risk of breast cancer. The products most often used to stop perspiration contain forms of aluminum, which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease and other neurological problems; triclosan, an antimicrobial absorbed through the skin that poses some risk to the liver; and zirconium-based compounds that can cause underarm granulomas or skin lesions.

Don't Want to Smell? No Sweat!
There are differences between antiperspirants, which suppress the sweat gland, and deodorants, which mask the smell of sweat. There are several brands of all-natural deodorants on the market today; they're available in your local pharmacy, grocery, and natural food stores. Look for brands that are aluminum- and chemical-free.

For more information on chemicals in commercial body products and natural product alternatives, we recommend reading the book “Living Green” by CEO of Garden of Life. Click here for book information.



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