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August 2011


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Transform Your Health Newsletter is published and distributed by Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. It is a free publication available to all health and cleanse enthusiasts. Our editor, Christine Dreher CCN, CCH, is a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Author, Nutrition and Cleanse Coach, Founder and President of Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc.

“This newsletter is my gift to you, to encourage you, inspire you and support you in taking your next steps towards vibrant health, transformation and well-being on all levels.
To your health!” Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

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August 2011 Transform Your Health Newsletter Contents:


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Beyond Organic Insider – Jordan Rubin’s New Program to Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, Change Your World
By Jordan Rubin & Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Jordan Rubin, Founder of Garden of Life, Author & Beyond Organic Founder

Many of you already know of Jordan Rubin through his books, Garden of Life whole-food nutritional products, lectures, trainings, and public appearances. Both myself (Christine) and Jordan have a special invitation for you to join us in becoming a Beyond Organic Insider to change your diet, your life, and your world. It is free to join through October and will give you the opportunity to explore the Beyond Organics Insider program, get educated on healthy foods, learn how you can help others live and eat healthier and even be able to get your Beyond Organic foods for free or make money helping others eat healthy.

Click here for your special Beyond Organic Insider invitation and to learn more.

Introducing Minami Nutrition – Coolest & Purest Fish Oil on the Planet
By Garden of Life & Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Minami Nutrition offered by Garden of Life, is a premium line of Supercritical Distilled Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements, sourced from fish and algae. Only Minami’s Fish Oil formulas provide 100% Supercritically Distilled Omega-3 fatty acids, providing the most highly concentrated and the purest Omega-3 oils on the market. Cutting-edge technology meets cutting-edge science to provide you with Minami Nutrition’s fish oil line that features less heat in processing, higher concentrations of Omega-3s per capsule and more once daily formulas than any leading brand.

Learn more about Minami here.

Lemon Balm Herb for Alertness, Focus, Calm & Healthy Mood
by Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH & New Chapter Health Writers

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is a great sweet lemon smelling member of the mint family and is classified as a stimulating nervine (nerve tonic) and yet has a soothing effect on the nervous system, so it is helpful for alertness and focus, and also calming, relaxing, and healthy mood. Lemon Balm also has many other medicinal uses and health benefits.

Click here for rest of the article.

Grape Seed Promotes Balanced Energy, Endurance, Recovery & Longevity
by Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH & New Chapter Health Writers

Could Grape Seed be one of the “Fountain of Youth” elixirs? The impressive clinical studies and documented use with Grape Seed for health and longevity are well known. Grape Seed contains especially high levels of antioxidants including OPCs (Proanthocyanidins), flavonoids and polyphenols (including Resveratrol), Vitamin E, and linolenic acid. Studies show that the antioxidant power contained in polyphenols is about 20 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin C. Grape Seed also acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to quench free radicals and to promote healthy aging. Grape Seed has been clinically shown to decrease exercise-induced muscle damage and promote healthy recovery, support healthy cardiovascular and normal cell growth, promote youthful skin and much more.

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Natural Support for Liver Health
by New Chapter Health Writers & Christine Dreher CCN, CCH

The liver is responsible for over 500 body functions including detoxification of harmful chemicals in our environment and food and for responding to a wide range of biological challenges such as parasites, microbes and viruses. It manufactures key compounds such as cholesterol and glutathione. And it is under great stress and challenge today due to our chemical laden, toxic lifestyle. For thousands of years, traditional medicine has turned to turmeric and specific healing mushrooms to promote the normal functioning of the liver in its all-important tasks.

Click here for the rest of the article.

Raw Interview with Jordan Rubin, “Raw Truth” Author
By Health Experts at Healthy Living Magazine & Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Jordan Rubin’s fascinating interview on the health benefits of raw nutrition and details of his amazing journey from extreme sickness to vibrant health, his message of health and hope out of a friend’s garage, to the creation of his extremely successful Garden of Life whole food supplement company, and beyond.

Click here for the interview.

What's New?

DEEP2 30
by Mt. Capra


DEEP2 30 is Mt. Capra’s newest invention and provides a natural source of daily essential nutrients including electrolytes (from their natural Goat whey), proteins and probiotics (including the clinically studied and sought after GanedenBC30. DEEP2 30 is a great tasting way (banana, coconut and strawberry flavors) to ensure you are getting enough of your daily essential nutrients in an easily assimilated and absorbed way.

Click here for more information.

Grape Seed Force
by New Chapter

Grape Seed Force by New Chapter provides a proprietary, concentrated extract of Grape Seed that supports your body’s natural ability to produce energy, therefore promoting balanced energy and endurance. The full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in Grape Seed Force is delivered using a whole-food approach to herbal supplementation.

Click here for more information.

Lemon Balm Force
by New Chapter

Lemon Balm Force by New Chapter provides a full-spectrum, whole-herb, supercritical extraction form of Lemon Balm to support Focus, Alertness, Calm and Healthy Mood.

Click here for more information.

Hyaluronic Acid caps
by Life-Flo

Hyaluronic Acid is a fluid found in every living organism. It helps keep the entire body lubricated and moisturized. The highest levels of this acid are found in the synovial fluid of the joints and skin. This supplement helps replenish the HA which is naturally lost with age. It helps to keep the entire body lubricated (joint health) and moisturized (skin health).

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Joint Health Cream
by Life-Flo

Perfect Joint Health cream provides a synergistic blend of MSM, Glucosamine, and Hyaluronic Acid for healthier-feeling joints and softer looking skin. It is formulated with Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Leaf Extract, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E to keep the body lubricated and moisturized and is naturally free of synthetics including parabens.

Click here for more information.


Joint Relief Cream
by Life-Flo

Perfect Joint Relief cream provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, backache strains, bruises and sprains using Capsaicin, Camphor, Menthol, MSM, Glucosamine HCL, Rosemary Oil, Vitamin E and Sangre De Grado.

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Diet 360 – Buy One – Get One Free

Diet 360 by Garden of Life provides the benefit of multiple clinically studied ingredients designed to address the various barriers to weight loss. Diet 360 provides a truly holistic approach to healthy, faster weight loss that is accomplished through boosting the metabolism, supports blood sugar levels boosts energy, reduces stress-related fatigue, reduces cortisol levels and promotes restful sleep -- all naturally (no jitters). For a limited time, you can buy one Diet 360 and get one free, while supplies last.

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Free Raw Truth Book by Jordan Rubin


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Vitamin Code – Raw One Multivitamin for Men or Women
Get 15 caps for Free – Get 75 caps for the price of 60 caps


Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Raw One for Women and Vitamin Code Raw One for Men raw, multivitamins provide a convenient, one-daily formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of men and women on-the-go, Vitamin Code RAW ONE formulas provide targeted delivery of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to experience extraordinary health.

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