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April 2009


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Transform Your Health Newsletter, formerly “The Cleanse Connection” newsletter is published and distributed by Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. It is a free publication available to all health and cleanse enthusiasts. The editor, Christine Dreher CCN, CCH, is a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Author, Nutrition and Cleanse Coach, Founder and President of Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc.

“This newsletter is my gift to you, to encourage you, inspire you and support you in taking your next steps towards vibrant health, transformation and well-being on all levels. To your health!” Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH.

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April 2009 - Transform Your Health Newsletter Contents:


What’s New???
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Oceans 3 Goes Way Beyond Traditional Omega 3’s
By Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

So how do the new Oceans 3 Beyond Omega 3 products by Garden of Life go way beyond traditional Omega 3’s? They do so with a new proprietary formula called OmegaXanthin, which is a combination of pure and high quality Omega 3 fish oils with Astaxanthin and Fucoxanthin. Antioxidants like astaxanthin (an extremely powerful antioxidant carotenoid from sea algae) and fucoxanthin (a dynamic antioxidant carotenoid from brown seaweed) are powerful antioxidants that not only protect the quality of the fish oil, but also amplify the health benefits of the Omega 3 fish oils.

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Why Internal Cleansing & Heavy Metal Chelation
is so Important to us in our Industrial World
By Life-Flo Health Writers, Edited by Christine Dreher, CCN, CCH

Because of this industrialized world that we live in, we are exposed to thousands of pounds of chemicals and contaminates, every single day! They are in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s true that our bodies have an internal detoxification system from the liver, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, skin, lymph and kidneys, and they do an incredible job considering all the environmental toxins. However, with all the toxins around us, it is too big a challenge for the body to be left on it’s own without support.

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Food for Your Bones
by Ken Babal C.N. – Healthy Living Article

Osteoporosis is a common, but not inevitable disease that occurs around age 50, most often in postmenopausal women but also in significant numbers of men. Features of the disease are bone thinning and brittleness, causing fractures, gum and jaw loss, dowager’s humps, back pain and loss of height. It is unfortunate that, for many individuals, the first sign of osteoporosis is a fracture. Each year, nearly 1.5 million Americans over 50 suffer fractures caused by osteoporosis, often leading to complications and death.

Achieving optimal peak bone mass is important for reducing the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Irrespective of age, three critical factors must be addressed to protect skeletal health throughout life. The bone-building trinity consists of: proper diet and supplementation, weight-bearing exercise and hormone balance.

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Raw is Good For Your Health, Are Your Vitamins Raw?
By David Steinman – Healthy Living Article

We know that raw foods add vitality to our health and are rich in enzymes, peptides and other nutrients that we can not get from cooked foods. So wouldn’t we benefit from raw, whole food multivitamins and single vitamin nutrients? The following article explains the benefits of raw food nutrients and introduces the first raw, vegan, whole food created nutrient formulas.

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Estrotone: A Natural Estrogenic Balancer for Women of Every Age
by Julian Friedland – Healthy Living Article

Can a single herbal supplement provide relief from the most common health issues women face? Thanks to New Chapter, formulators of Estrotone, the answer is yes. Estrotone continues to lead the market simply because women who take it consistently experience permanent relief from PMS and menopausal symptoms while significantly supporting bone and breast health. On a cellular level, Estrotone would even appear to help promote anti-aging by inactivating free radicals that are thought to attack and damage the integrity of cell membranes. It’s thus helping women of every age to regain a lasting physical sense of well-being.

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Return to Beautiful Skin – Book Review
By Myra Michelle Eby

The “Return to Beautiful Skin” book is filled with practical, real-world strategies to enhance the skin by using all-natural, nontoxic products, this book clears up the mysteries surrounding skin care, opens the way for readers to reclaim the radiant skin they were born with, and offers valuable insights into contemporary skin care products and regimens.

This book includes many informative topics including: how much the world has been inundated by toxic chemicals, how to identify these toxins in skin care products, and how to avoid them; How to distinguish between natural products and nontoxic products; How nature and science, working in tandem, can enhance overall health, skin health, and the planet; How to bring out inner beauty and age gracefully. All about sun care, how to minimize wrinkles, how to clear up acne at any age, and how to live healthfully to bring out your inner radiance and keep your skin radiant for your entire lives.

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Fill Your Belly With Foods
that Provide Good Bacteria
By Jordan Rubin – ExtraOrdinary Health Article

By now you know how important it is to consume a diet based on natural or whole foods for optimal gut health. But this way of eating is nothing new.

In fact, did you know that the food of our ancestors, including fermented foods, contained several thousand times more bacteria, mainly the good probiotic bacteria, than our food does today? It’s true, and part of the shortfall is due to our modernized way of eating that often excludes fermented foods. This lack of good bacteria in our food can decrease optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrition for gastrointestinal and overall health.

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What’s New???

Oceans 3 Specifically Targeted Omega 3 Nutritional Formulations

Oceans 3
Better Brain
Oceans 3
Beyond Omega-3
Oceans 3
Cod Liver Oil
Oceans 3
Healthy Hormones
Oceans 3

Oceans 3 formulas by Garden of Life are the most exciting innovations ever seen to date, in the Omega-3 product line because they contain a unique and exclusive combination of nutrients appropriately named OmegaXanthin. OmegaXanthin is a synergistic blend of three health-promoting compounds from the sea including only the purest omega-3 fish oil along with fucoxanthin and astaxanthin. Oceans 3 formulas by Garden of Life deliver amplified benefits beyond Omega 3’s by containing Oceans 3 offers “targeted” formulations that not only contain the dynamic compound OmegaXanthin, but also offer the enhanced benefits of specialized nutrients to meet your nutritional needs.

For information on the Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3 products, click here.

What’s New???

Trace Minerals – New Products

Acai Caps – Acai Antioxidants with ConcenTrace Ionic Trace Minerals

Açaí Caps with ConcenTrace contains pure, organic, whole fruit açaí and ConcenTrace®, a complex over 72 ionic trace minerals which helps supercharge other nutrients for improved assimilation and absorption.

For more product information on the Acai Caps. Click Here.

What’s New???

Reds Pak by Trace Minerals

Reds Pak by Trace Minerals contain 30 individual serving packets of a full-spectrum antioxidant supplement of energy-packed whole foods and extracts, super fruits, vegetables, and other essential nutrients for superior health (with over 150 nutrients). Reds Pak is designed to help maintain cellular integrity, promote cardiovascular health and immune system function, provide increased energy, support healthy digestion, and fight against free-radical damage.

For more product information on the Reds Pak by Trace Minerals, Click Here.

What’s New???

Greens Pak by Trace Minerals

The Greens Pak by Trace Minerals contain 30 individual serving packets of over 50 different super foods including energy-packed whole foods, super fruits, antioxidant foods, vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, fiber and plant extracts to help energize your body. These “Super-Foods” are the foods we should eat daily for optimum health and wellness. A super blend of completely natural vitamins, ConcenTrace® ionic trace minerals, enzymes, phyto-nutrients and symbiotic intestinal flora helps to provide your body with added energy, increased metabolism, efficient digestion and detoxification, and helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses for heightened rejuvenation and longevity.

For more product information on the Greens Pak by Trace Minerals, Click Here.

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